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The Author's Family

The Author's Family

This section of the website provides some information about my family.

This section is mainly a tribute to my late parents.

As it is five years since my dear mother passed over on the 24th June, 2006, I would like to share my dedication to her, with you, as my friends.   She would be so pleased to know how much she is missed, and loved by everyone who knew her, and because she played a big part in my life, and stood by me through my darker days, I feel that by sharing this short description of the type of person she was, and the poem which I composed for her Memorial Service, would show my appreciation of having such a wonderful mother.

"My mother was a lady who loved her family dearly, and would defend them passionately.  She was second to eldest of a family of ten, and helped to bring up her siblings from a very early age, and they regarded her as their 'second mother'.  She was a very strong character who wouldn't stand any nonsense, but she always thought of others before herself, often giving up luxuries to  'the young ones'; never taking, always giving.  As well as her deep love of her family, she was also very devoted to her pets and all other animals.  She loved the garden and flowers.  She would always begin the day with putting her make-up on, and was very particular about her appearance which lasted her all her life.  She was always working in the house, keeping it spotlessly clean, and you would always find her with a duster in her hand.  It was her wish that she would die with a duster in her hand, but as she became severely disabled, she had to hang up her duster, and handed over her duties to me, and now I am left to carry on with the tradition!"

This photograph was taken just after she'd returned from hospital after a bout of pneumonia, and a year before she passed away, having suffered two strokes.  She kept her dignity right up to the end, and at the age of ninety-one, she left us to join the Spirit world - where she could join her family and husband - very quietly, and peacefully.

Here is the photo, followed by the dedication and memorial poem:


(A Verse for Mother)

Mother, you were the last thread of our flesh, of our blood,
freed from this full circle of earth-bound bondage,
as decreed by the final nature of all living things,
where times does not cease,
only pauses for reflection on a life-time of memories.

You were tired after ninety-one years of a long, hard, yet fruitful life.
You wanted to rest in peace.
You wanted to sleep in tranquillity,
so you slipped into that peaceful sleep which took you from us.

You were blessed with the fairness compared to that of a lily,
your sparkling eyes were of a pansy blue,
but the greatest blessing of all,
was that you had a heart of gold.

When the first bluebell and primrose
herald the spring with their sweet scent,
and the first cuckoo's call echoes across the land,
we shall remember you.

When the  fragrant red rose blooms in the warmth of the sun,
and the white daisy  opens her white petals to a new day,
we shall remember you.

When the cornfields ripen,
and the poppies dance in the wind,
we shall remember you.

When the skylark ascends with his joyful song,
and the nightingale sings his night-time melody,
we shall remember you.

When Autumn leaves rustle in the soft gentle breeze,
and the sound of flowing streams as they wind their way through meadows,
as the sea gently laps the shore,
to the call of the seagull as he skims the waves,
we shall remember you.

When the North winds blow across the hills and vales,
when the first flakes of soft winter's snow falls silently to earth,
we shall remember you.

When the tides ebb and flow,
and the pale moon glides silent and radiant across the night sky,
we shall remember you.

All these wonderful sights and sounds,
all these things bright and beautiful,
we shall always remember you.

You never forsook us,
and we will never forsake you,
as you will be constant in our dreams,
just as our fondest thoughts are with you now.

Whilst the evening sky blushed with a ruby redness,
you had already made your peace with God,
who called softly your name.

You entered into His Kingdom, guiltless and pure in heart,
to a new dawn, and a new beginning,
 to be warmly embraced,
as you are at last reunited with Dad, your Husband,
and your much-loved Family.

You gave yourself up with great serenity,
great peace,
 great beauty,
great dignity.
What more can we wish for that this was so.

You left us with a legacy of your love,
of many happy, treasured golden memories
that touched our hearts and souls,
like myriads of bright shining stars
which light up the Universe
giving us hope for the future,
and thanks for the past.

Thank you Mum, Grandma, Sister, Sister-in-law, Aunty and Friend,
Thank  you for all you gave to us,
for your strength and guidance,
for your love and understanding,
for your tenderness and sharing,
for your giving and never taking.
And now may you rest in peace,
to a place with no hurt or pain,
for which you so richly deserve.
Rejoice and enjoy!

It is this day we all bid you a fond farewell.
God Bless you and keep you,
Forever safe in His presence.


The next photo was taken when my mother was 16 years of age:

The next photo shows my mother (2nd from the left) with all her siblings (all 10 of them!), and their faithful dog, Gyp (he is mentioned in my book!):

The next photo shows my mother (first left) with her 5 sisters:

The next photos show my parents on their Ruby Wedding anniversary (the second photo includes their poodle, Jan):

The next photo shows my parents' last dog, a Pekingese called Charlie. Sadly he died recently (15th May 2007):

Thank you for dropping by, and God bless.

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