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         Welcome to our little urban homestead.
Well, it's not really a "homestead", but it's our place in the world, where we
 can stay
connected to the *real* things, as best as we can. Real things, like
 being together and
loving each other, doing things with our hands, growing
our own vegetables, raising
rabbits (which surprisingly provides us with plenty
 of fertilizer for the garden!),
and living for each other; living for someone
 out side of our selves.




Heifer International is a nonprofit organization that works to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth. Heifer provides food - and – income producing animals & training to help impoverished families become more self-reliant. Since 1944, Heifer has helped 7 million people in more then 125 countries. Families “pass on the gift” by giving one or more of their animals off spring to another family in need.

Can I donate livestock to Heifer?
Because we require high-quality animals readily accessible to our projects, it is usually our policy not to accept direct gifts of animals. We must first have a local project that is using or in need of the exact animal you can offer. In most cases, it is more practical to donate the proceeds of the sale of the animal to Heifer. However, please submit the following information to your Regional Office so they can forward this information to the program staff in your area. A Heifer representative will contact you within a month if there is a need. Thank you so much for your generous offer!

    * Your name, address and phone number
    * The breed and age of animal(s)
    * Whether or not they're registered
    * A general description of the overall quality of the animals.

Another possibility for your animals is to have them become active community volunteers. Consider bringing them to living gift markets and other Heifer events so that people in the community can make the connection with a live animal. Be part of the mission of Heifer by educating the public about what roles livestock play in ending hunger and poverty and the connection they have to people in our projects.



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