North West Spirit Taekwondo

Taekwondo Schools in Liverpool, Halton & Knowsley

Nicole Murphy


BORN:  January 1995

GRADE:   Black Stripe (1st Kup)

PROFILE:  Nicole began training with her brother, Connor, in 2011.  She is already a successful tae kwon-do competitor, due to her powerful performance of technical patterns, and formidable combination of power and determination when sparring.

English Champion
North Wales Champion x2, Midlands Champion, Welsh Champion & British Champion x2


Halewood Student Awards:
2013 - Best Senior Female Competitor (2nd place)
 - Best Cadet Female Competitor (1st place)

2015 GTI English ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2014 North West TKD Mini CompetitionSparringSILVER
2013 PUMA British OpenPatterns (Blue/Red Belt)BRONZE
2013 GTI National OpenPatterns (Blue Belt)BRONZE
2013 GTI National OpenSparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2013 GTI English ChampionshipsSparring (Green Belt)GOLD
2013 GTI English ChampionshipsPatterns (Green Belt)BRONZE
2012 GTI British ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2012 GTI British ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2012 TKD Wales British Open ChampionshipsPatterns (8th-5th Kup)GOLD
2012 TKD Wales British Open ChampionshipsSparring (8th-5th Kup)GOLD
2012 TAGB Midlands ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2012 TAGB Midlands ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2012 TAGB Midlands ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green/Blue Belt)BRONZE
2012 TAGB Welsh ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2012 TAGB Welsh ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)BRONZE
2012 TAGB English ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)BRONZE
2012 TAGB English ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)BRONZE
2012 TAGB South Midlands ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)BRONZE
2012 TAGB North Wales ChampionshipsPatterns (White/Yellow Belt)GOLD
2012 TAGB North Wales ChampionshipsSparring (White/Yellow Belt)GOLD