North West Spirit Taekwondo

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear to train? 
Beginners to tae kwon-do can wear any loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for training.  Students must eventually purchase an official white ‘dobok’, or training suit, if they wish to grade for belts.


How old should I be to train? 
We welcome all students from age 5.  Classes are designed to be suitable for both young and old students alike.


How fit do I need to be to start training?  

We welcome students of all fitness levels.  We aim to help improve your fitness and flexibility through training. 


Do I have to grade for belts? 
Grading for belts is purely optional.  The belt system sets goals for students and encourages them to learn new things and face fresh challenges.  However, if a student does not wish to grade, we will still be happy for them to train with us.


When will I achieve my Black Belt? 
There are ten coloured belts which a student must achieve before grading for Black Belt, so the student learns a variety of skills and knowledge step by step.  Reaching black belt usually takes a minimum of three and a half years' training. 


Do I have to enter tournaments? 
Taking part in tournaments is optional.  There are various tournaments held regularly throughout the year, and many students find success through competition.  However, there is never any pressure on a student to compete - the final decision is yours.


Can I train if I am disabled? 
Tae Kwon-Do is open to all students, and of all levels of ability.  There are students and instructors with disabilities, such as amputees, and those with hearing & sight impediments.  Disability does not have to be a barrier to training. 


How much will it cost? 
Fees are currently £3.50 per 1 hour lesson, or £5.00 per 2 hour lesson (just pay as you train).