Excel information

Visual on creating a UserForm

Excel 2003 is used for this example and will work in other versions of Excel as well


Open the Visual Basics Toolbar


 Click the Visual Basics Icon to go to the VBA Editor and insert a UserForm

Draw the TextBox

Draw the Command Button


Change the UserForm Caption



Change the Command Button Caption

Prepare to code the Command Button

 Copy this code from the website

 Paste it in the Command Button


Edit the Code

 The code now looks like this

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    Dim Rws As Long, Rng As Range

    Rws = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row + 1    'Finds First Empty Row after last entry

    Set Rng = Cells(Rws, 1)

    Rng = TextBox1    'Places whatever is in textbox1 into the first empty cell after the last cell

    Unload Me    'closes the Userform

End Sub




Close the VBA Editor, or Press Alt & F11


Create a Button On the Spreadsheet








Type in code and exit from VBA Editor




 Create the list

 Click the Button to Show the Userform







 Download the example