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Charles Dickens and the Night Visitors (9781907571114) and The Confessions of Becky Sharp  both published this year, are available through most online bookstores, including Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith and Tesco and many bookshops around the world.                                                    Punching Judy and Paris Bound are available from http://www.amazon.com/ and http://www.trafford.com/ or the author at 2 Leslie Gardens, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 6QU

Charles Dickens and the Night Visitors (2011)

This fictional account of the Dickens family's 1844-5 stay in Italy is recounted through the eyes of Dickens's children and others including his wife Catherine and her sister Georgina.

In December 1844 Charles Dickens, on holiday in Italy with his family,undertakes to give treatment to Augusta de la Rue, the wife of his friend Emile.The consequences of these ministrations are dire, for in banishing Augusta’s  phantoms Dickens arouses his wife’s fury and unleashes demons of his own.


 Charles Dickens and the Night Visitors is based on Dickens’s Italian tour (1843-4).

 However, the illustrious author is kept mainly off-stage, the action being seen through the eyes of various family members, eight bystanders offering differing perspectives on Dickens’s traumatic relationship with Madame de la Rue.                                     




This is an accomplished novel and an engaging read – simultaneously gentle and eerily atmospheric.  You achieve a really convincing sense of place, transporting the reader effortlessly to Italy in 1844.


 --  Fiction Feedback


The Confessions of Becky Sharp (2011)


BOY AMONG MEN (1988) is a fictional account of life in a London Comprehensive School in the 1960s


Paris Bound  (2002)


Paris Bound  a road novel, is a story of a culture-clashed romance between two disparate lovers on their journey from Morocco to Paris


Punching Judy (2007)

Punching Judy, is the story of a girl boxer, a juvenile deliinquent who lands some pretty hefty punches on anyone who gets in her way in 1950's London.


Book cover illustration by Ligaya James, the author's daughter and Graphics Design editor of her school's magazine in 2007.

Eight American Stories (1977)


The cover design above is based on a nineteenth-century engraving showing the USA flag.  The flag portrayed was designed in 1896 with 45 stars when Utah became the forty-fifth state.

This edition was published in 1977 in the Longman Imprint series, designed for use in schools and colleges with my editorial appendices, and accompanied by  a series of photographs introducing The American Scene to British students.