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Joy in Learning

Posted by Webmaster on February 11, 2014 at 8:10 PM

How do you find joy in learning?  What are you learning about right now?

As I sit at a (WONDERFUL) conference this morning the presenter asked these questions and told his 'students' that if we could not answer with something that did NOT have to do with our students and classes we should think again.  Then he went on to ask how many of us are sharing this journey of learning with our students?  Sure kids are constantly learning, but aren't adults also constantly learning?  Learning does not stop at 3:45.  It does not stop when you leave the walls of the school.  It does not stop when you graduate.  Learning never stops and I hope that my students learn that, but just to take it a step further I thought I would share what I am learning right now with students in hopes that it might inspire a few to do just what I am doing:  Never stop learning, and find joy in what you are learning.

So what do I find joy in learning?  What am I learning about right now?

Right now I am learning all about training a puppy.  However, I need to learn more than just your basics because Biscuit is not your average dog.  To learn more and to track my learning and Biscuit's progress check out my new blog here:  http://susanhefley.blogspot.com/p/introduction_11.html

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