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Allright guys, id like your input as to how to proceed with the scaling of the units.

I will leave this up for a week, then announce the results. You may submit your opinion either by:

Commenting can be achieved through the forum, my email, or ModDB. You may also comment on Twitter by mentioning @GalaxyofChaos or by using #GoCMod.

Now, onto the options.

As you know, we use a great many models from differing sources, so the scaling is not always cogent (YTIEs being as big as Havoc bombers, or Praetors being the same size as the Eclipse, for example). There are also quite a few scaling mods out there.

So, would you like to see:

A) Scaling according to canon (converting canon measurements into a working scale model)

B) Scaling according to Vanilla FoC (using stock units as a baseline then scaling around them)

C) Scaling according to maps (Using the map sizes as the scaling guide)

D) Scaling according to whatever (create an original scaling system)


While you're reading this, you may also append your opinion on mod development:

Do you prefer emphasis on:

A) New units, or reworked units

B) Gameplay changes (abilities, game mechanics, new factions)

C) Canon!!!

D) Just give me something different


Don't be that guy and not vote.

Remember to follow on Twitter, sign up for my website, and if you want to get involved, im always looking for help!



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