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            HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY DAREN!


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New-comer Daren Kagasoff has a lot to be grateful for. After just a few auditions, Kagasoff went on to land a role as bad-boy Ricky Underwood in ABC Family's new hit drama, "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." Continue reading below to find out more about:

Daren Kagasoff


Daren was born and raised in Encino, CA where is dad is a wholesale diamond dealer, his mom is a designer, and Daren is the second of three children. Daren attended San Francisco State University for a short before deciding to head back to LA to become an actor. He defied all the odds at one of his first auditions, when Brenda Hampton hand-picked him for his breakout role as “Ricky” in “The Secret Life…”

Ricky is the school’s resident bad boy and is often seen with Adrian. He’s the drummer in the band, and a free-spirited rebel who never plays by the rules-not in his foster home and certainly not in love. His major womanizing seems to be the hot topic of discussion, not only in the hallways, but also in his shrink’s office.


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