Danny G's Karaoke

Karaoke entertainment for the new millineum.

Why Danny G's Karaoke over others

Reasonable rates

Quality sound 


Legal Library (passed audits 100% on November 16, 2010)

Up to date technology

How I take requests

I now use a extra laptop and phone app to submit requests. You can browse my songlist by going to the links page and following the instructions on SongbookDB.

Quality sound without being too loud

Danny G's Karaoke is using a sound system that produces quality sound without having to turn the volume level up so high that your customers can't carry on a conversation, even if they are sitting very close to the system. We use a Line Array Speaker System that not only fights feedback but because the volume level doesn't dropoff as it gets farther away from the speaker the volume of the speaker doesn't have to be set so high. What you are hearing from the speaker right up close is what you are going to hear at the back of the room.

Equipment that Danny G's Karaoke uses

HP Red Flyer
Ubuntu Studio operating system
OpenKJ hosting software

Mixer: Bose T1 ToneMatch

Wireless mic system:
Rockville Dual mic system

Amplifier/Speaker System: JBL Eon One Line Array Speaker System

Singer's monitor:  20" Sylvania Flat Panel TV