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Please feel free to contact the artist for your flexible lesson schedule.
We welcome students from Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas to come to take art lessons in DanNie Studio located inside the Belmont Country Club Community in Ashburn,Virginia.
Please e-mail us for directions. Beginners are welcome. We offer free consultation. Please call us today.


All students must fill out the new registration form and return it with payment before or on the first lesson. Students who take private or semi-private lessons must pay for 4 lessons a time. The student must make lesson appointments with the instructor ASAP. Lesson appointments are on first come first served basis. If any individuals need payment planning, please contact Daniel Nie. 


Missed Lessons:
There will be no refund for any missed lesson, should the student be absent. However, make-up lessons should be available upon arrangement with the instructor.

Inclement Weather:
The instructor will contact students if lessons have to be canceled and rescheduled due to inclement weather. Fees for Canceled lessons will be automatically credited to the next make-up lessons.

Rescheduled or canceled lessons:
If lessons must be rescheduled or canceled by the instructor, the student has a choice of either having a make-up lesson or receiving a refund for the lesson(s) missed.

Each student must sign a liability release on the registration form before enrollment.

Registration Form

-------->>>>>>----print out and cut to mail  or copy and paste to mail >>>>>------------

DanNie Studio Art Lessons Tel 704-574-1815

Student’s Name:_________________________ Tel # (      )_______________________
Mailing Address:______________________________________
E-mail address: __________________________________
Parent’s Name (if the student is a minor): ________________________
Parent’s Tel #:______________________________

Interested in work-study program ____. (for age 16 or above only ),
Interested in workshops______. (time to time we will conduct special interest workshops, such as computer graphics, guest artist's demonstrations, etc.)


Private: $65/per lesson (one hr.), Semi-Private: $60/per lesson per student (1 hr.)
½ hr. Lessons (private), suitable for younger children---- $130 (4 lessons)

Group Lessons:

3 students ---- group type A -------  $55 per person per lesson
4 students ---- group type B -------  $50 per person per lesson
5 students ---- group type C -------  $45 per person per lesson


Emergency contact person: ___________________, Tel.___________
Please list the subjects you are interested to learn or the goals would like to achieve:

Text Book:  Essential Art Techniques (DanNie Studio offers discounted price to students). The book is also available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Art-Techniques-Yes-Artist/dp/1496084098/ref=la_B00JHYA7NU_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1413824452&sr=1-6

Yes  I would like to purchase one copy the text book (strongly recommended) _____.

Any other comments:

Release of Liability:
By signing this registration form, the student and/or the parent(s) hereby and forever discharge, release, and hold harmless,
the instructor(s) from all liabilities and law suits regarding any damage, loss, or injury resulting from the student’s participation in art lessons/programs at Daniel Nie’s Studio.

Signature :______________________________. Date_____________
You may e-mail your registration form to DanNie studio at danielnie@aol.com

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