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We can't keep them well

Posted on March 28, 2010 at 11:14 PM

Hello all,

Well, we remembered to update earlier!  Too bad it can't be a very happy one.  We can't seem to keep both of our kids well at one time for the life of us.  This weekend, we got to go up to Logan for Daniel to present at a math conference.  It should have been pretty fun, but then Becca got a fever on the way up.  She was miserable the whole time, so we were not able to attend the talks with her.  The result was that when Caroline was listening to a speaker, Daniel had to sit outside, and when Daniel was listening, Caroline had to.  Oh, and our kids are LOUD when they are unhappy, so it didn't even help much to keep them outside, the audience could still hear them.  We tried the first day, and then had a rough night in the hotel because Becca felt too bad to sleep well.  The next day, we didn't even try.  Daniel went to a few talks, but mainly we just sat outside trying to keep Becca calm and feeling better.  In the end, Caroline had to call a friend to get a place to take Becca so she could rest.  

We took Becca to the on call pediatrician today, and she was tested for all sorts of things, but they all came back negative except she is a bit dehydrated.  If she still has a fever tomorrow, we are supposed to take her back to her doctor.  She seems to be better today when we have medicine in her, but when either her Tylenol or her Ibuprofen run out, her fever shoots right back up and she is miserable again.

So, not to end on a depressing note, we did get to enjoy a little of our time in Logan.  Caroline was happy to see Katrina again, even under rough circumstances (thanks again so much for your help!)  Daniel's presentation didn't go too badly.  Oh, and we got a new printer from Daniel's brother as a late Christmas present today.  It's excellent.  We haven't been able to use our old printer for some time now, not because it was broken, but because it costs so much for new ink cartridges that it would have been cheaper for us to get a new printer.  This one does scanning and copying also, and its ink is much more reasonably priced.  

Thomas is doing fine and getting into things more and more.  We can't leave anything on the floor anymore, unless we are planning on it going into his mouth.  He likes to make new noises with his mouth, his favorite being "boo boo boo".  When you say "boo" back, he looks really surprised and then gets a huge smile.  He also randomly made the sounds "da da" today, so Daddy is now coaching vehemently on new words.  

Well, sorry for the partially depressing post.  We will just be so happy when we can get both of our kids to not be sick for maybe two weeks at a stretch.  Please keep little Becca in your prayers!


--Daniel, Caroline, Rebecca, and Thomas.

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