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Everything Changes and Everything Stays the Same.

Posted on March 21, 2010 at 10:51 PM

Hi all!

  Well, there are some changes in our life!  Nothing big really, and if you are reading this you probably already noticed.  We decided that since we really just used this website as a blog, we would switch the front page over to blog format.  I suppose that when I start looking for work somewhere, I will have to set up and maintain my own domain for advertisement, but right now, we'll just enter the blogosphere with everyone else.  Unfortunately, a new format is not a guarantee of more timely updates, but we do hope that it will help.  I mean, now whenever we look at our site, there will be a date on the newest entry glaring back at us.  That makes it easier to have to answer the "So when did we last update?" question, and possibly guilt us into updating more often.  

As for the rest of life, things are moving along.  Thomas is starting to do big boy things.  He sits up like a champ and, though he cannot yet crawl, he is amazingly agile and mobile.   We expect him to have a full crawl soon, right now he gets around with a kind of side to side rocking/sliding motion.  It's more effective than the description implies.  It's almost like one of those bad scenes from an old horror movie. You leave the kid in the middle of the floor, run into the kitchen to stir a pot, peek back in the door an BOO! he's RIGHT THERE.  Also, it is no longer safe to have anything he is not allowed to have anywhere within sight on the floor.  Or not in sight for that matter.  He will find it, and he will put it in his mouth.  We got him a high chair a few weeks ago and he enjoys sitting in it and eating.  He enjoys eating alot.  Unfortunately, recently, he has been sick.  I'm not sure why we cannot keep our kids away from the doctor, but they have been taking turns now.  We went to see Caroline's parents a few weeks ago and when we came back, Thomas had a nasty cough.  It only got worse, until last week we took him to the doctor.  The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, just get a humidifier and keep an eye on him.  Oh, and if he gets a fever come back.  Well, today he has a fever and a funny rash (actually he had the rash earlier, we treated like dry skin and it went away, now he has a different shaped rash).  We don't know what's up, and so back to the doctor we go.

Becca has been doing fine.  She had her turn with the doctor a few weeks ago and is enjoying being able to relax while Thomas takes his turn.  Mainly, she is getting into things and learning to do more and more.  She surprised me the other day by busting out the ABC song while we were driving somewhere in the car.  I could understand almost all of it.  It did give me a chuckle though, instead of  "L M N O P", Becca sings "animaaal pee!".  I can kinda see where she might get that :).  She jabbers constantly now and seems to have her own agenda for how each day should go.  This seems to always start with pulling all of her books off of her shelf and then turning either her or Thomas', toy box upside down.  Or both.  She has great fun doing it, but I suppose it is time to start on the "put things away, then get new things out" lessons.  Mainly, she is just bing a cute toddler.  Oh, and she finally has enough hair to do something with it!  I didn't understand why parents always did the little straight up pony tail thing until now, it's just so nice that she finally has enough, and you want to show it off :) .  

As for Caroline and me, we are just keeping busy.  Caroline has the kids all day and her mentoring/tutoring job.  I have tutoring, school, homework, and research.  Somewhere in there, we are trying to squeeze in adopting a healthier lifestyle, which means taking walks in the evenings and being generally more active.  Sometimes, life is overwhelming.  Things are going fine though.  Caroline seems to love mentoring and she is doing so well with the kids, despite the rampant and frequent plagues we seem to get.  I finally got my years old research down to one last question to answer correctly, and then it will be publishing time!  It will be good to finally tie up that loose end.  Also, I presented my work at the BYU research conference this week and we all get to go up to Logan next week so that I can present at an MAA conference.  It feels good to be doing things like that again.  Also, it will be nice to go back to Logan again.  I just hope it doesn't greet us with its usual late season snow...

Well, thanks for sticking around through the long post.  We are hopeful that we will be able to make them shorter in the future by making them more frequent.  


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9:41 PM on May 11, 2010 
The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes!
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