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Kids Grow Too Fast!

Posted on January 21, 2010 at 10:46 PM
    Thomas is now nearly five months old.  He is sitting up pretty well, rolling over, and giggling.  He is such a different baby than Rebecca was, and still just seems pretty content to chill, being his little baby self.  Becca was always so frustrated that she couldn't move and wanted to be wherever she wasn't.  Thomas is pretty happy and calm to just lay there most of the time.  He is tricky to make giggle, and just seems so much more serious and thoughtful than Becca.  He has started eating oatmeal, bananas, and sweet potatoes, and really likes them.  He took to eating with a spoon quite easily. He seems to have a bit of trouble with rice cereal, so we're holding off on that for a couple of weeks and hopefully he'll be okay then.

    Rebecca is nineteen months old now.  She is jabbering up a storm now.  She loves to sing songs, and her current favorite songs are "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider," and "I am a Child of God."  She asks for me to sing these songs by saying "Mommy sing Row Boat," or "Jesus Beam?" or "Spider, Spider," or, my favorite, "Mommy? Cuddle? Sing God?"  
   We went to the BYU Animal Science Museum and they brought out a live tarantula for a demonstration of invertebrates.  Becca really liked it and wanted to take a turn to hold it, but we really thought she was too small to not drop it.  She liked the elephant and the birds at the museum too, but she liked the couches and the big staircase the best and wanted to keep going up and down the stairs.
   She wants to do everything herself.  When we get her dressed in the morning, we usually let her pick a shirt and some pants herself.  Then if we try to help her put them on, she throws a fit and says, "Baba do it.  Self!"  But she isn't really able to dress herself yet, so after we let her try some, we have to help and she gets mad about it.
   Our next-door neighbors her have puppies and she loves to stand by the fence and watch them.  She wants to go see them everyday.  She says, "Puppies. Side. Go? Side? See puppies?"
   And even though it's been almost three weeks since we came home from Blanding, she still talks about Bella.  She says "Bella bye-bye.  Bella side" Also, "SydneyCarter" (always "SydneyCarter", not two separate names), "Kaleb," "Waysis," and "Kay kay."
   We gave her a Book of Mormon, and now she carries it around and says "Baba scriptures.  Baba read scriptures. Self."  And then she climbs into the rocking chair and opens her Book of Mormon, and "reads" her scriptures by herself.  Sometimes she'll say "Mommy, help read Baba's scriptures," and she'll climb up on the couch by me, and we'll read a line or two and she closes the book and gets down and goes back to her toddler-y to-do list, having crossed off her daily scripture reading.  She always finds her scriptures after we put on her pajamas for her, so we can read together.
   She is learning to pray, and now her prayers have started including everything she can see.  I have to try hard not to laugh when she expresses gratitude for the button and the pictures of the cupcakes on her pajamas.  Whenever we ask her about what she does in nursery, she says "prayer" and folds her arms, so she must be learning to pray there too.
   Her relationship with her stuffed bunny keeps getting more complex. Bunny now must have regular diaper changes, sit in Becca's highchair and eat, drink from her sippy cup, have naps, put on jammies for bedtime, and be tucked in with her own blankie that Grandma Murphree made for Becca for Christmas.  
   Becca: "Mommy.  Bunny pooped."
   Mommy:  "I don't think that Bunny pooped."
   Becca:  "Oh.  Mommy.  Bunny peed.  Bunny diaper change."
When Becca sees me nursing Thomas, she says "Bunny milk," and nurses Bunny.  Whenever Becca gets in trouble she says "Bunny!" and throws the bunny on the floor, like whatever happened was bunny's fault. 
She has learned to stand on her chair to turn her light on and off, and it is sometimes on before we get to her room in the morning.  She often gets out of bed quietly, and we don't hear her until she starts rattling her doorknob.  When she can't open a door, she says "Mommy help! Door."
   When we read stories, everybody that has their eyes closed is "sleeping" and gets kisses on their foreheads.  When we read her Jesus book, she says, "Jesus sleeping.  Jesus kiss," and kisses the picture of Jesus praying.

   Daniel has started his classes and is enjoying them for the most part.  He is taking German, Differential Geometry, and Topology.  He has to learn a language to get his PhD here, and he chose German.  He is also doing research with Dr. Halverson, who was our advisor at the REU.  He is still tutoring and doing well at it.

I have accepted an offer to work as a mentor for Tutor.com.  Basically, it's the first level of supervisor and I'll be responsible for assisting a team of other tutors improve their sessions and monitoring for quality issues.  I am really very excited about it, and will get paid more for mentoring then I do for tutoring.  I will also still be tutoring a few hours a week.


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