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Wow Life Changes Fast!

Posted on January 3, 2010 at 11:08 PM


Wow, so it has been a while since we updated last. This time we are FULL of good excuses though. Or at least full of something . So, we last left off in November, which was actually uneventful for how amazingly busy it was. Daniel spent most of November being intimate with his computer as he finally completed his master's thesis. When it finally became apparent that the thesis and defense was really going to happen, we had to quickly locate a new apartment in Provo because we didn't think Aggie Village would want a BYU student in residence. Also, the commute is killer. So November was spent writing, taking trips to Provo, and packing.

We also had to get our car re-registered. That in itself shouldn't have been too big of a deal, except that there were myriad things wrong with it. Apparently, it is a safety violation if you have a hole big enough to put a fist through in your muffler, who knew? With the help of some friends (thanks Bobby!) Daniel was able to get the car up to code and we passed our inspection. Unfortunately, the guy who checked it out had many other problems to point out with our little Taurus and pretty much said we would need about $2000 more to fix them, but they were not immediate enough concerns to merit not passing our inspections. Oh yeah, and if one of them was not addressed in a couple of months we may lose the ability to steer the car and die in a fiery crash. No big deal really. More on that later.

So, Daniel successfully defended his thesis and is now officially a Master of Science, which sounds much cooler than it is. We found an awesome little basement apartment in Provo and got registered for Winter semester, so we are officially Cougars now. Sorry Aggie Village friends. If it helps any, we will always be Aggies at heart. And Vikings. And Thunder Birds. And Yellow Jackets. And Broncos. And Mustangs. And Colts... Did I leave any schools out? After a hurried move that again involved a lot of help from some very good friends (thanks Emily, Paul, Michelle, Mike, and Samantha!) and Caroline's parents, we got all of our stuff down to Provo, and then immediately took off to spend Christmas with Caroline's parents. Christmas was great. Relaxing and fun. Becca loved her presents, which included a little bike (that is more like a little tricycle) and still hasn't stopped talking about a dog named Bella. She loves to walk around the house going "Bella bella bella bella bella bye bye bella!" Thomas also seemed to have fun and got to have his first rice cereal. We'll get the pics up ASAP. Also over the break, we got the great news that Tutor.com might be interested in having Caroline as a Mentor. Think of it like a manager of other tutors. This will include a raise and at least 10 guaranteed hours a week. Also, she loves the idea of it. She has finished the training and application process and we are waiting to hear back from it.

So now we are in Provo and still unpacking our stuff. Who knew we could possibly have so MUCH stuff. It seems like we have barely dented it and we've been going all week! In other big news, and also the more on the car, we were a little impulsive. Just tonight, we went in to check out a sale at a local car dealership. We told them we were in the market for a van with the growing family and all. Really we were not looking to buy, just to price and get some experience. Well, they didn't show us a van. They showed us something they called a "sport van", which is like a mix between an SUV and a van. Long story short, they made us an offer that was too good to pass up, especially considering that the car we had shown up in was liable to put us in a fiery crash any day now. They even bought the Taurus off of us for much more than we thought it was worth. So now we have a new "sport van". I prefer to call it the thing, cause it is really neither one nor the other. It is a 2007 Chevy Uplander.


So, that is where we are now. Daniel starts school on Monday and is very excited for it. Caroline is crossing her fingers for her promotion (she really would love being a manager when Daniel is still just a regular ol' tutor.) Becca and Thomas are getting on with the business of growing up. We are doing well and happy with how things are working out. Thanks to all our friends and to our families for all of your love, help, and support.

Love and hugs,

--Daniel, Caroline, Rebecca, and Thomas.


P.S. Daniel is going to put his thesis on here if you wanna read it for some strange reason.

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