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Every Child is Different

Posted on October 4, 2009 at 1:22 AM

Hey all!


I thought I would just record some of the interesting differences between Becca as a newborn and Thomas as a newborn.


Becca: Hated to nurse!

Thomas: Can't get him to stop!


Becca: The vibrator on her bassinet worked like a snooze alarm for me. It would put her back to sleep for at least five minutes every time.

Thomas: Could care less about his vibrator.


Becca: Loved to be swaddled, especially when sleeping.

Thomas: Can't stand it! Can escape our best attempts to swaddle him. Gets this panicked look like "Where are my hands?!?"


Becca: Didn't have many poop issues.

Thomas: Likes to shoot poop across the room while we change his diaper. (It has gotten less frequent, but still happened today after Church.)


Becca: Never liked to cuddle.

Thomas: Wants to be snuggled all the time.


Becca: She's kind of always been bouncing off the walls and high-strung.

Thomas: Seems to just be content with life. Likes to chill.


Becca: Loved her to death!

Thomas: Love him to death!


There are a few new pics in the September album, if you want to check it out.


We love you all,

Caroline, Daniel, Becca, and Thomas

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