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Thomas Has Arrived!

Posted on August 26, 2009 at 12:49 AM

Well, things have finally happened and gone forward in every way imaginable. We haven't posted in a long time again because everyone has been either busy beyond belief or tired or both. First we'll give the boring regular family updates, and then on to what everyone really wants to see.


Daniel is still working at Sam's Club, though they cut his hours instead of increasing them like they implied when he was hired. It should be just enough to get through to October when things are looking up. The reason things are looking up in October is because Daniel's advisor pulled a few strings and got him taken back on as a TA for one more semester. So now we have one more semester for him to finish his thesis and also one more semester of being able to afford to live. It would have been nice to have been able to move to Provo this semester, but things simply did not work out. It actually was better to stay in Logan for various reasons. Anyway, so now Daniel is also teaching Intermediate Algebra at 7:30 in the morning. Not the best time, but it is what he loves to do and also gets a much higher pay than 20 hours a week cleaning the meat department.


Caroline is feeling much better after losing a great deal of weight. It makes moving around much easier and now she doesn't have contractions nearly as badly. This is actually one of the main reasons staying in Logan was a good idea for this semester. That's right, Thomas is finally here (well I say finally, but really he is quite early) and doing well. Caroline did a great job birthing him and feels much better for it. She was also taken on as a grader in two different classes at school, so that will help the family income and keep Caroline from going crazy this semester.


Becca is still growing and learning like crazy. She now has a large vocabulary which includes many of her toys and most all of her basic needs such as hungry, cup (for thirsty), ball and WEEEEEEE (which means swing). She walks like a pro and can climb stairs on her own, though she still needs help getting down them. She also knows all of her basic body parts (eyes, ears, nose, toes, arm, etc.) and can point to them when asked as well as a few "special" body parts that dad thought were important such as nostril, belly button, and eyebrow. She is still adjusting to Thomas. It bothers her alot when he cries and wakes her up at night and sometimes she does not like it when we are holding him. She is pretty good about him most of the time though and will give him hugs and point to him and say "baby!"


And now for the star of this month's post, our new addition Thomas Edward! Thomas came in to the world at 5:17 pm on Tuesday, August the 25th. He weighed 6 lbs, 13.1 ounces and was 19 inches long. But that is the end of the story, not the beginning. Caroline had, as we mentioned in the last post, been having labor for a while again. In fact, she had been having contractions for more than a month and a half by this time. She was put on bed rest for a week of this and was on some sort of anti-contraction medication for a couple of those weeks also. In short, she was rather miserable and ready for things to be over waaaaayyy before things were over. Her contractions finally started to be regular and not disappearing on the 24th (we were very happy when she reached her term mark). The contractions had been regular many times before, so we didn't worry too much and sure enough they went away as we went to bed. But then around 2:00 in the morning she started having them again, 5 minutes apart and very painful. When Daniel woke up to go teach his class, she asked if we could go in for her to be checked after his class. So we left Becca with a sitter and went. When the nurse at labor and delivery checked, Caroline was at 4+ cm dilation and 80% effaced and Thomas was at -1 station. The nurse asked if we were ready to have a baby today, and I don't think she has ever heard a more enthusiastic "YES!!!" So we were admitted to the hospital at 9:30 am and Caroline asked for her first popsicle at 9:31 am. We walked around the floor to try to help things along for an hour or so and then got Caroline another popsicle (the nurse said she either had to keep hydrated or have an IV, this is Caroline's excuse for all the popsicles). When she was checked again at 10:48, she was declared a 5 with no other changes. We celebrated and got her another popsicle, things seemed to be moving along so nicely. Around 11:30, the doctor was consulted and said that Caroline needed an IV anyway because he wanted one in just incase anything went wrong. So our nurse tried to put an IV in Caroline. I doubt anyone reading this has had the experience of trying to put an IV in Caroline, but it is not an easy task...at all. Our nurse tried to put the IV in her hand three times (with accompanied digging around) and was unsuccessful, so she called another nurse in who was supposed to be better at it. After 3 more tries in her wrist and a suprised declaration that she must not have any veins in her hand, this nurse gave up also and called an anesthesiologist. So, an hour after they started trying, and on the anesthesiologist's 2nd attempt, Caroline finally had an IV in her elbow. This required her to keep her arm straight to let the fluid flow in, not a good situation with contractions getting stronger. By 1:00 pm, Caroline figured that if she heard that she was at a 5 one more time she might scream, so she consented to have her water broken. Her doctor was in surgery, so they just got a doctor that was around to do it. When he poked the thing in not much liquid came out, so he tried harder. This seemed incidental at the time, but Thomas was later born with three scabs on the top of his head and the only logical explination for them is the doctor poking him in the head. Not nice for our little boy. Whether it worked or not, Caroline did start to progress better after this. She was 100% effaced by 3:05 and her contractions were getting very strong. She started feeling cold, so she asked for warm blankies and she started feeling hard done by so she asked for another popsicle. We didn't know it at the time, but this was to be the final popsicle. At 4:00 she was 6 cm dialated and her contractions were getting so hard she was having trouble breathing well and her arms kept falling asleep. They tried to get her to breath into a oxygen mask that wasn't hooked up to control her breathing better but it didn't work. She got worried she would pass out and so asked for fentanyl to help her control things, even though she really didn't want to. The fentanyl didn't seem to help much actually. By 4:46, she was at 7 cm and really really wanting to push. The nurse was getting on to her because she was biting my shirt to help herself with the pain. The nurse said this would make her pelvis tighten (who knows why) and so she should not, so I would hide her head so she could bite away without the nurse nagging her. Things went quickly from here, though Caroline said repeatedly that she was sure time was creeping by and she would still never have this baby. Caroline's doctor arrived at 5:11 and Thomas was born only 6 minutes later. Caroline did the pushing part all in one contraction. Thomas promptly scored an 8 and then a 9 on his Apgars, just like his sister, and was declared fit as a fiddle. He had some bruising on his lower lip that spread to the rest of his face, so his first few pictures he looks swollen and funny colored, but he is over that already. This time we got to sit with him for a full hour in the delivery room before they rushed us off. It was really nice. He was crying during all the testing and warming him up, but as soon as they let Caroline hold him, he calmed right down. He also was a ravenous eater, and was born knowing where the food is and how to get it. We are pretty psyched about that. Unless you have had a kid that didn't want to nurse well, you don't really appreciate how nice is it to have one that just goes right to it. We were moved to a nice recovery room and things just swam along until we got back home with our new family member. Becca was quite stressed because we left her with some friends of ours for the night that Thomas was born, and then the day after she had to stay with some other friends for a couple of hours while we got all the testing done and got home. She is now very unhappy if either of us appear to be walking away if she is around someone else. Thomas is such a sweet little boy. He sleeps well and alot and only seems to cry when he is hungry (or at least wanting to suck on something). He already is opening his eyes and staring around at his world. Becca is trying to be a good big sister the best she knows how (at this point, it mainly means she is trying to interact with Thomas in some way that doesn't result in us telling her to be more gentle or to stop whatever she is doing.) Caroline is adjusting to the hormone drop and having two kids underfoot all the time. Her mom was able to come up for a few days to help her get started (and of course to snuggle the grandkids). Daniel had to just pick up where he left off and is trying to catch back up with his lesson planning, thesis writing, and homework grading all at once. This time around, it is not as relaxed as it was right after Rebecca was born, but my family is resting right now. Rebecca screamed her way to sleep (she has had a hard, long day), Caroline and Thomas are on the floor right by the desk, both with their eyes closed (Thomas is actually wiggling some), and still, I don't think I could be much happier. There is so much to get caught up with in this life. I still have to go to work, I will have to leave early to teach my class and somethow catch back up with all the mumbo jumbo that earns us money so that we can have food in our cupboards and a roof over our heads. But right now, it doesn't matter. My little family is growing. My wife finally has less pain than she has had in 9 months and can rest. My daughter is growing and learning so fast that you can actually see her learn something new every day. I love them all so very much. This is what it is all about and why I do all of the other things. Life isn't as relaxed as it was when Becca was born but, just as last time, all is well. What more can I ask for?


Love hugs and warm cuddles,

Daniel, Caroline, Rebecca, and Thomas


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