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Let Freedom Ring?

Posted on July 10, 2009 at 10:59 PM

Howdy all,

Well, time is marching on and we are moving with it. We have all been busy with work in some form or another recently. Daniel has his job and thesis and Caroline has Becca, which is a handful sometimes. Since last we posted Becca turned one year old! She went from toppling around to walking in what seemed like a week. Finally gained the confidence she needed I guess. For her birthday we had a few friends over to our "backyard" for cake and icecream so that Becca could have a good time romping with thier kids. Actually, that was the day after her birthday and the day before Caroline's mom and dad came up to celebrate with Becca, so really not much happened ON her birthday because daddy was at work, but she did not seem to care. Caroline fixed her a cupcake birthday cake in the shape of a furry pink caterpillar, it was very cute and we have pictures in the new album. We expected Becca to make a BIG mess when she ate her cupcake, but she was such a little lady about it. She ate very carefully and only got her mouth particularly dirty. We couldn't decide if we were disappointed or proud of her. She doesn't have this success with most of the things she eats (you should see her first experience with Macaroni and Cheese in the album...very messy.) She seemed to have a great time even though she was still only crawling at the time and could not keep up with some of her friends. We also had fun with all of our friends, thanks for coming y'all.



She had fun with grandma and grandpa Nielson the day before her birthday. She opened her presents (pretty much all by herself!) and had fun with her first cupcake ever! She was a little messier with this cupcake than the one at her birthday party, but not much. We had a good time visiting with Caroline's parents and beating them in Rook and even got the bonus of getting to unload some of the bigger baby toys to go back to their owners. It was great to be able to borrow the exersaucer and jumparoo and Becca really loved them, but after she got to big for them, they were hard to store in our bitsy apartment. Overall we think Becca had a fun birthday weekend.


Other than that, Becca is now walking like a pro. She no longer wants to be carried at all unless it is on Daddy's shoulders and abhors being put in a shopping cart or the stroller for too long. She now says "Bease" when asking for things (cause Mom always says "please give that to me" when she is not supposed to have something) and "Dis, dis" and "Dat, dat" when she wants to know what something is. She has also started saying "Uhoh!" when she drops something, which is pretty much at every mealtime. She also says "got it!" when she gets a toy out of her box. She has gotten over her milk problem and now quite enjoys milk and cheese. We are still holding off on carrots for a little while though. Pretty much she is just happy and growing!


Caroline is sick of being pregnant already. Her tummy has started practicing which keeps her up at night, and when the tummy is not doing anything, Thomas decides it is time to get some exercise in. He is now quite the mover. We got the chance to go to the Logan temple the other day before it closed for the summer. There seemed to be quite a few very pregnant sisters in our session. Caroline sat beside one and they were both having their tummies move in sync the whole time. It was funny to watch, but distracting for her and me. It was nice to get to go to the temple though. Caroline has also been finding ways to get out of the house with Becca for adventures. Becca loves bus rides and there are quite a few nice parks close to our house. We have been patronizing the Willow Park Zoo some lately because it is cute to watch Becca with the ducks and turtles. She likes turtles alot and likes to feed the ducks.


Daniel is just working as much as he can. His job at Sam's club has been taking up alot of time because of the 4th of July. Seems everyone wants custom cut meats to grill. He was able to make it home for the fireworks on the third, just barely. That was a blessing to him and he loved watching Becca enjoy the show. She liked the colors and big booms. He is oh so close to finishing his thesis, but oh so close to being out of time also. Makes things tricky. He and his advisor feel he can make it though. Keep it in your prayers that we will finish up. Most future plans are on hold until the thesis is done because if it is not done, we can't be going to Provo since they will be expecting him to have his degree. So, things will be resolved this month one way or the other. We are hoping for the one way, then freedom can ring for maybe a week before packing begins.

Love and Hugs,

Daniel and Caroline

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