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We can't keep them well

Posted on March 28, 2010 at 11:14 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello all,

Well, we remembered to update earlier!  Too bad it can't be a very happy one.  We can't seem to keep both of our kids well at one time for the life of us.  This weekend, we got to go up to Logan for Daniel to present at a math conference.  It should have been pretty fun, but then Becca got a fever on the way up.  She was miserable the whole time, so we were not able to attend the talks with her.  The result was that when Caroline was listening to a speaker, Daniel had to sit outside, and when Daniel was listening, Caroline had to.  Oh, and our kids are LOUD when they are unhappy, so it didn't even help much to keep them outside, the audience could still hear them.  We tried the first day, and then had a rough night in the hotel because Becca felt too bad to sleep well.  The next day, we didn't even try.  Daniel went to a few talks, but mainly we just sat outside trying to keep Becca calm and feeling better.  In the end, Caroline had to call a friend to get a place to take Becca so she could rest.  

We took Becca to the on call pediatrician today, and she was tested for all sorts of things, but they all came back negative except she is a bit dehydrated.  If she still has a fever tomorrow, we are supposed to take her back to her doctor.  She seems to be better today when we have medicine in her, but when either her Tylenol or her Ibuprofen run out, her fever shoots right back up and she is miserable again.

So, not to end on a depressing note, we did get to enjoy a little of our time in Logan.  Caroline was happy to see Katrina again, even under rough circumstances (thanks again so much for your help!)  Daniel's presentation didn't go too badly.  Oh, and we got a new printer from Daniel's brother as a late Christmas present today.  It's excellent.  We haven't been able to use our old printer for some time now, not because it was broken, but because it costs so much for new ink cartridges that it would have been cheaper for us to get a new printer.  This one does scanning and copying also, and its ink is much more reasonably priced.  

Thomas is doing fine and getting into things more and more.  We can't leave anything on the floor anymore, unless we are planning on it going into his mouth.  He likes to make new noises with his mouth, his favorite being "boo boo boo".  When you say "boo" back, he looks really surprised and then gets a huge smile.  He also randomly made the sounds "da da" today, so Daddy is now coaching vehemently on new words.  

Well, sorry for the partially depressing post.  We will just be so happy when we can get both of our kids to not be sick for maybe two weeks at a stretch.  Please keep little Becca in your prayers!


--Daniel, Caroline, Rebecca, and Thomas.

Everything Changes and Everything Stays the Same.

Posted on March 21, 2010 at 10:51 PM Comments comments (2)

Hi all!

  Well, there are some changes in our life!  Nothing big really, and if you are reading this you probably already noticed.  We decided that since we really just used this website as a blog, we would switch the front page over to blog format.  I suppose that when I start looking for work somewhere, I will have to set up and maintain my own domain for advertisement, but right now, we'll just enter the blogosphere with everyone else.  Unfortunately, a new format is not a guarantee of more timely updates, but we do hope that it will help.  I mean, now whenever we look at our site, there will be a date on the newest entry glaring back at us.  That makes it easier to have to answer the "So when did we last update?" question, and possibly guilt us into updating more often.  

As for the rest of life, things are moving along.  Thomas is starting to do big boy things.  He sits up like a champ and, though he cannot yet crawl, he is amazingly agile and mobile.   We expect him to have a full crawl soon, right now he gets around with a kind of side to side rocking/sliding motion.  It's more effective than the description implies.  It's almost like one of those bad scenes from an old horror movie. You leave the kid in the middle of the floor, run into the kitchen to stir a pot, peek back in the door an BOO! he's RIGHT THERE.  Also, it is no longer safe to have anything he is not allowed to have anywhere within sight on the floor.  Or not in sight for that matter.  He will find it, and he will put it in his mouth.  We got him a high chair a few weeks ago and he enjoys sitting in it and eating.  He enjoys eating alot.  Unfortunately, recently, he has been sick.  I'm not sure why we cannot keep our kids away from the doctor, but they have been taking turns now.  We went to see Caroline's parents a few weeks ago and when we came back, Thomas had a nasty cough.  It only got worse, until last week we took him to the doctor.  The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, just get a humidifier and keep an eye on him.  Oh, and if he gets a fever come back.  Well, today he has a fever and a funny rash (actually he had the rash earlier, we treated like dry skin and it went away, now he has a different shaped rash).  We don't know what's up, and so back to the doctor we go.

Becca has been doing fine.  She had her turn with the doctor a few weeks ago and is enjoying being able to relax while Thomas takes his turn.  Mainly, she is getting into things and learning to do more and more.  She surprised me the other day by busting out the ABC song while we were driving somewhere in the car.  I could understand almost all of it.  It did give me a chuckle though, instead of  "L M N O P", Becca sings "animaaal pee!".  I can kinda see where she might get that :).  She jabbers constantly now and seems to have her own agenda for how each day should go.  This seems to always start with pulling all of her books off of her shelf and then turning either her or Thomas', toy box upside down.  Or both.  She has great fun doing it, but I suppose it is time to start on the "put things away, then get new things out" lessons.  Mainly, she is just bing a cute toddler.  Oh, and she finally has enough hair to do something with it!  I didn't understand why parents always did the little straight up pony tail thing until now, it's just so nice that she finally has enough, and you want to show it off :) .  

As for Caroline and me, we are just keeping busy.  Caroline has the kids all day and her mentoring/tutoring job.  I have tutoring, school, homework, and research.  Somewhere in there, we are trying to squeeze in adopting a healthier lifestyle, which means taking walks in the evenings and being generally more active.  Sometimes, life is overwhelming.  Things are going fine though.  Caroline seems to love mentoring and she is doing so well with the kids, despite the rampant and frequent plagues we seem to get.  I finally got my years old research down to one last question to answer correctly, and then it will be publishing time!  It will be good to finally tie up that loose end.  Also, I presented my work at the BYU research conference this week and we all get to go up to Logan next week so that I can present at an MAA conference.  It feels good to be doing things like that again.  Also, it will be nice to go back to Logan again.  I just hope it doesn't greet us with its usual late season snow...

Well, thanks for sticking around through the long post.  We are hopeful that we will be able to make them shorter in the future by making them more frequent.  


Kids Grow Too Fast!

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    Thomas is now nearly five months old.  He is sitting up pretty well, rolling over, and giggling.  He is such a different baby than Rebecca was, and still just seems pretty content to chill, being his little baby self.  Becca was always so frustrated that she couldn't move and wanted to be wherever she wasn't.  Thomas is pretty happy and calm to just lay there most of the time.  He is tricky to make giggle, and just seems so much more serious and thoughtful than Becca.  He has started eating oatmeal, bananas, and sweet potatoes, and really likes them.  He took to eating with a spoon quite easily. He seems to have a bit of trouble with rice cereal, so we're holding off on that for a couple of weeks and hopefully he'll be okay then.

    Rebecca is nineteen months old now.  She is jabbering up a storm now.  She loves to sing songs, and her current favorite songs are "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider," and "I am a Child of God."  She asks for me to sing these songs by saying "Mommy sing Row Boat," or "Jesus Beam?" or "Spider, Spider," or, my favorite, "Mommy? Cuddle? Sing God?"  
   We went to the BYU Animal Science Museum and they brought out a live tarantula for a demonstration of invertebrates.  Becca really liked it and wanted to take a turn to hold it, but we really thought she was too small to not drop it.  She liked the elephant and the birds at the museum too, but she liked the couches and the big staircase the best and wanted to keep going up and down the stairs.
   She wants to do everything herself.  When we get her dressed in the morning, we usually let her pick a shirt and some pants herself.  Then if we try to help her put them on, she throws a fit and says, "Baba do it.  Self!"  But she isn't really able to dress herself yet, so after we let her try some, we have to help and she gets mad about it.
   Our next-door neighbors her have puppies and she loves to stand by the fence and watch them.  She wants to go see them everyday.  She says, "Puppies. Side. Go? Side? See puppies?"
   And even though it's been almost three weeks since we came home from Blanding, she still talks about Bella.  She says "Bella bye-bye.  Bella side" Also, "SydneyCarter" (always "SydneyCarter", not two separate names), "Kaleb," "Waysis," and "Kay kay."
   We gave her a Book of Mormon, and now she carries it around and says "Baba scriptures.  Baba read scriptures. Self."  And then she climbs into the rocking chair and opens her Book of Mormon, and "reads" her scriptures by herself.  Sometimes she'll say "Mommy, help read Baba's scriptures," and she'll climb up on the couch by me, and we'll read a line or two and she closes the book and gets down and goes back to her toddler-y to-do list, having crossed off her daily scripture reading.  She always finds her scriptures after we put on her pajamas for her, so we can read together.
   She is learning to pray, and now her prayers have started including everything she can see.  I have to try hard not to laugh when she expresses gratitude for the button and the pictures of the cupcakes on her pajamas.  Whenever we ask her about what she does in nursery, she says "prayer" and folds her arms, so she must be learning to pray there too.
   Her relationship with her stuffed bunny keeps getting more complex. Bunny now must have regular diaper changes, sit in Becca's highchair and eat, drink from her sippy cup, have naps, put on jammies for bedtime, and be tucked in with her own blankie that Grandma Murphree made for Becca for Christmas.  
   Becca: "Mommy.  Bunny pooped."
   Mommy:  "I don't think that Bunny pooped."
   Becca:  "Oh.  Mommy.  Bunny peed.  Bunny diaper change."
When Becca sees me nursing Thomas, she says "Bunny milk," and nurses Bunny.  Whenever Becca gets in trouble she says "Bunny!" and throws the bunny on the floor, like whatever happened was bunny's fault. 
She has learned to stand on her chair to turn her light on and off, and it is sometimes on before we get to her room in the morning.  She often gets out of bed quietly, and we don't hear her until she starts rattling her doorknob.  When she can't open a door, she says "Mommy help! Door."
   When we read stories, everybody that has their eyes closed is "sleeping" and gets kisses on their foreheads.  When we read her Jesus book, she says, "Jesus sleeping.  Jesus kiss," and kisses the picture of Jesus praying.

   Daniel has started his classes and is enjoying them for the most part.  He is taking German, Differential Geometry, and Topology.  He has to learn a language to get his PhD here, and he chose German.  He is also doing research with Dr. Halverson, who was our advisor at the REU.  He is still tutoring and doing well at it.

I have accepted an offer to work as a mentor for Tutor.com.  Basically, it's the first level of supervisor and I'll be responsible for assisting a team of other tutors improve their sessions and monitoring for quality issues.  I am really very excited about it, and will get paid more for mentoring then I do for tutoring.  I will also still be tutoring a few hours a week.


Wow Life Changes Fast!

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Wow, so it has been a while since we updated last. This time we are FULL of good excuses though. Or at least full of something . So, we last left off in November, which was actually uneventful for how amazingly busy it was. Daniel spent most of November being intimate with his computer as he finally completed his master's thesis. When it finally became apparent that the thesis and defense was really going to happen, we had to quickly locate a new apartment in Provo because we didn't think Aggie Village would want a BYU student in residence. Also, the commute is killer. So November was spent writing, taking trips to Provo, and packing.

We also had to get our car re-registered. That in itself shouldn't have been too big of a deal, except that there were myriad things wrong with it. Apparently, it is a safety violation if you have a hole big enough to put a fist through in your muffler, who knew? With the help of some friends (thanks Bobby!) Daniel was able to get the car up to code and we passed our inspection. Unfortunately, the guy who checked it out had many other problems to point out with our little Taurus and pretty much said we would need about $2000 more to fix them, but they were not immediate enough concerns to merit not passing our inspections. Oh yeah, and if one of them was not addressed in a couple of months we may lose the ability to steer the car and die in a fiery crash. No big deal really. More on that later.

So, Daniel successfully defended his thesis and is now officially a Master of Science, which sounds much cooler than it is. We found an awesome little basement apartment in Provo and got registered for Winter semester, so we are officially Cougars now. Sorry Aggie Village friends. If it helps any, we will always be Aggies at heart. And Vikings. And Thunder Birds. And Yellow Jackets. And Broncos. And Mustangs. And Colts... Did I leave any schools out? After a hurried move that again involved a lot of help from some very good friends (thanks Emily, Paul, Michelle, Mike, and Samantha!) and Caroline's parents, we got all of our stuff down to Provo, and then immediately took off to spend Christmas with Caroline's parents. Christmas was great. Relaxing and fun. Becca loved her presents, which included a little bike (that is more like a little tricycle) and still hasn't stopped talking about a dog named Bella. She loves to walk around the house going "Bella bella bella bella bella bye bye bella!" Thomas also seemed to have fun and got to have his first rice cereal. We'll get the pics up ASAP. Also over the break, we got the great news that Tutor.com might be interested in having Caroline as a Mentor. Think of it like a manager of other tutors. This will include a raise and at least 10 guaranteed hours a week. Also, she loves the idea of it. She has finished the training and application process and we are waiting to hear back from it.

So now we are in Provo and still unpacking our stuff. Who knew we could possibly have so MUCH stuff. It seems like we have barely dented it and we've been going all week! In other big news, and also the more on the car, we were a little impulsive. Just tonight, we went in to check out a sale at a local car dealership. We told them we were in the market for a van with the growing family and all. Really we were not looking to buy, just to price and get some experience. Well, they didn't show us a van. They showed us something they called a "sport van", which is like a mix between an SUV and a van. Long story short, they made us an offer that was too good to pass up, especially considering that the car we had shown up in was liable to put us in a fiery crash any day now. They even bought the Taurus off of us for much more than we thought it was worth. So now we have a new "sport van". I prefer to call it the thing, cause it is really neither one nor the other. It is a 2007 Chevy Uplander.


So, that is where we are now. Daniel starts school on Monday and is very excited for it. Caroline is crossing her fingers for her promotion (she really would love being a manager when Daniel is still just a regular ol' tutor.) Becca and Thomas are getting on with the business of growing up. We are doing well and happy with how things are working out. Thanks to all our friends and to our families for all of your love, help, and support.

Love and hugs,

--Daniel, Caroline, Rebecca, and Thomas.


P.S. Daniel is going to put his thesis on here if you wanna read it for some strange reason.


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Sorry, things have been hectic around here lately. Here is a summary:

We blessed Thomas on September 27. Mom and Dad Nielson were able to come up, along with Caroline's grandma. He wore a special outfit made by Grandma Murphree. His daddy blessed him that he would be healthy and strong, be able to learn the things he needs to know, and bring light to dark places.

Caroline got swine flu. Or at least the test came back positive. Daniel doubts the diagnosis because the symptoms didn't seem to match up and the kids never got very sick. Thomas apparently caught a cold, but we took him in and he tested negative for the flu. Either way, Caroline was miserable for a few days and we had a good scare about the kids catching swine flu.

We have been called to teach the temple preparation class in our ward. We are really enjoying the experience so far. An interesting consequence is that Becca gets to go to nursery since we are both teaching and wanted to keep our classroom reverent. She didn't even seem to notice when Dad left, and didn't want to leave when we went to pick her up, so we think it went well.

We went out to the corn maze at American West Heritage Center. It was a blast. Becca liked to pick up the rocks, dance to the music, and chase the chickens. We apparently stayed out too long because she fell asleep on her daddy's shoulders, and she never sleeps anywhere except her bed. Check out the pictures!

On the way home from the corn maze, she dislocated her elbow. Once we realized she was really hurt we got the first doctor appointment we could get. He popped the elbow back into joint and she was fine within five minutes. She didn't even seem sore afterward.

The car decided it wanted to visit the doctor too, and its heater hose started leaking. Apparently the heater is connected to the radiator, because it kept overheating. It wasn't a major fix, just an inconvenience for a few days.

We got news that Daniel got re-accepted to BYU. So if all goes well with the thesis and defense, we'll be heading to Provo in December.

Caroline started tutoring online at a place called Tutor.com. It is a really great thing for her because she can do it after the kids go to bed every night. So far it is going really well. They are still hiring tutors, especially for high school level math and science. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Thomas started smiling and is holding his head up really well. When we took him in to get him tested for flu, he weighed 10 lbs 3 oz. He is growing well.

We made another trip to the zoo, you can see that in the pictures as well.

Check out Becca's Words on the sidebar too, if you're interested.

Caroline, Daniel, Becca, and Thomas

Every Child is Different

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Hey all!


I thought I would just record some of the interesting differences between Becca as a newborn and Thomas as a newborn.


Becca: Hated to nurse!

Thomas: Can't get him to stop!


Becca: The vibrator on her bassinet worked like a snooze alarm for me. It would put her back to sleep for at least five minutes every time.

Thomas: Could care less about his vibrator.


Becca: Loved to be swaddled, especially when sleeping.

Thomas: Can't stand it! Can escape our best attempts to swaddle him. Gets this panicked look like "Where are my hands?!?"


Becca: Didn't have many poop issues.

Thomas: Likes to shoot poop across the room while we change his diaper. (It has gotten less frequent, but still happened today after Church.)


Becca: Never liked to cuddle.

Thomas: Wants to be snuggled all the time.


Becca: She's kind of always been bouncing off the walls and high-strung.

Thomas: Seems to just be content with life. Likes to chill.


Becca: Loved her to death!

Thomas: Love him to death!


There are a few new pics in the September album, if you want to check it out.


We love you all,

Caroline, Daniel, Becca, and Thomas

Well Child Checks

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Hey all!
Becca has recovered from her sickness; although we still are not completely certain what was wrong.  Her lab reports didn't show a urinary infection, so it's possible it was a viral infection instead of a bacterial one, but she seemed to recover as soon as the antibiotics were started.  So, both us and the doctor are still kind of scratching our heads wondering what really happened.  Hopefully it's over and won't happen again.
The kids had their check-ups together since we updated.  Becca weighed 20 lbs 7 oz and was 31 inches long.  That's the 18th percentile for weight and the 72nd percentile for height.  Hopefully, her weight is only down because she was so sick the week before, but we'll be watching that too.  (According to this weigh-in and her one-year weigh-in, she has only gained 3 oz in three months.)
Thomas weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20.25 in long.  He is growing and developing well.  He is a really easy baby; he is very good at eating when he's hungry and sleeping when he's tired.  Becca was extremely difficult to nurse, so his success with it has been a pleasant surprise.  He wakes up about every two hours at night, and usually wants to be awake from 6 to at least 7, but that's not so bad.  Becca is dealing with the changes pretty well and seems to really like to "play" with him and "share" her toys.  She has learned to climb on everything and we have had to start doing time-outs for getting on the chairs to "help" while Mommy is cooking on the hot stove.  Most recently, she has learned that she can get into our food cupboards from the kitchen chairs.
Daniel is staying busy with school.  He had the opportunity to substitute for some upper level classes and he really enjoyed it.  He will be quitting at Sam's Club in two weeks, because it is not working out very well and we don't need the money since he is getting paid for teaching.
Caroline is busy adjusting to life with two babies, but things are going well.  She is grading again this semester for two classes which keeps her extra busy, but she enjoys it.
Check out the new pics!
We love you all,
Caroline, Daniel, Becca, and Thomas

Becca's Sick

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Hey guys-

It's definitely been quite a week up here in the northern country. Thomas is doing well,

and so far is a dream baby. He is eating and sleeping well and doesn't poop every time

we change his diaper anymore. And he sure is cute!

Becca is hopefully getting better now. She had been really grumpy Sunday and

Monday, but we just attributed it to all the change with the new baby and Grandma

leaving. However, she woke up about 2:00 Tuesday morning with a fever of 101.3

degrees. I gave her Tylenol, but couldn't get her to go back to sleep. We called the

doctor that morning, but they told us we didn't need to go in until the fever had lasted

two days or she started showing other symptoms. The Tylenol brought the fever down,

but in between doses the numbers kept getting higher and higher. She still wasn't able

to fall or stay asleep and had napped only about one hour all day. After a thermometer

reading of 102.6, we had a friend from our ward come over to help Daniel give her a

blessing. About 10:30, her temp was up to 103.5, so Daniel took her to the ER while I

stayed home with Thomas.

Daniel and Becca spent two hours in the ER getting her tested and getting her fever

down. She still wasn't showing any other symptoms, so they had trouble knowing

where to start. They diagnosed her with a UTI although the tests were inconclusive.

They are running cultures to confirm the diagnosis. They gave her some antibiotics and

a prescription for us to give her at home.

When they came home, Becca went straight to bed and slept for about an hour before

she woke up pretty much hysterical. I spent the rest of the night trying to calm her

down and holding her while she tried to sleep. She slept from about 4:00-10:00. When

she woke up this morning, I laid her down to change her diaper and she started gagging

and threw up this thick whitish stuff with streaks of blood through it. She did this three

times in 15 minutes, so I called Daniel home from his office and called the doctor. Her

fever was also back and high again. The medical assistant who answered my phone

call said that they would call back after they talked to the doctor, but they didn't call

back until several hours later. When Daniel got home, she threw up again, so we

decided we needed to take her back to the hospital. We got someone to watch Thomas

and headed to the ER for the second time in 13 hours.

According to their scale, she had lost over a pound of fluid since they had weighed her

the night before. Her fever was up to 103.4 again as well. They drew blood, gave her

Tylenol and ibuprofen, ran IV fluids to help with the dehydration, and gave her IV and oral

antibiotics. The labs all came back normal and they still didn't find anything wrong

except the suspected UTI. They said that the vomiting was probably just because she

was so sick and dehydrated. After four hours in the ER, she was feeling much better

and able to drink from a sippy cup without throwing up and was even playing some, so

they sent us home with orders to see our pediatrician on Friday.

So far she is doing pretty well tonight. She napped for 1 1/2 hours when we got home

and ate dinner. Hopefully she will sleep tonight, but so far she is only singing in her


Thanks for all your prayers! We love you all!


Thomas Has Arrived!

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Well, things have finally happened and gone forward in every way imaginable. We haven't posted in a long time again because everyone has been either busy beyond belief or tired or both. First we'll give the boring regular family updates, and then on to what everyone really wants to see.


Daniel is still working at Sam's Club, though they cut his hours instead of increasing them like they implied when he was hired. It should be just enough to get through to October when things are looking up. The reason things are looking up in October is because Daniel's advisor pulled a few strings and got him taken back on as a TA for one more semester. So now we have one more semester for him to finish his thesis and also one more semester of being able to afford to live. It would have been nice to have been able to move to Provo this semester, but things simply did not work out. It actually was better to stay in Logan for various reasons. Anyway, so now Daniel is also teaching Intermediate Algebra at 7:30 in the morning. Not the best time, but it is what he loves to do and also gets a much higher pay than 20 hours a week cleaning the meat department.


Caroline is feeling much better after losing a great deal of weight. It makes moving around much easier and now she doesn't have contractions nearly as badly. This is actually one of the main reasons staying in Logan was a good idea for this semester. That's right, Thomas is finally here (well I say finally, but really he is quite early) and doing well. Caroline did a great job birthing him and feels much better for it. She was also taken on as a grader in two different classes at school, so that will help the family income and keep Caroline from going crazy this semester.


Becca is still growing and learning like crazy. She now has a large vocabulary which includes many of her toys and most all of her basic needs such as hungry, cup (for thirsty), ball and WEEEEEEE (which means swing). She walks like a pro and can climb stairs on her own, though she still needs help getting down them. She also knows all of her basic body parts (eyes, ears, nose, toes, arm, etc.) and can point to them when asked as well as a few "special" body parts that dad thought were important such as nostril, belly button, and eyebrow. She is still adjusting to Thomas. It bothers her alot when he cries and wakes her up at night and sometimes she does not like it when we are holding him. She is pretty good about him most of the time though and will give him hugs and point to him and say "baby!"


And now for the star of this month's post, our new addition Thomas Edward! Thomas came in to the world at 5:17 pm on Tuesday, August the 25th. He weighed 6 lbs, 13.1 ounces and was 19 inches long. But that is the end of the story, not the beginning. Caroline had, as we mentioned in the last post, been having labor for a while again. In fact, she had been having contractions for more than a month and a half by this time. She was put on bed rest for a week of this and was on some sort of anti-contraction medication for a couple of those weeks also. In short, she was rather miserable and ready for things to be over waaaaayyy before things were over. Her contractions finally started to be regular and not disappearing on the 24th (we were very happy when she reached her term mark). The contractions had been regular many times before, so we didn't worry too much and sure enough they went away as we went to bed. But then around 2:00 in the morning she started having them again, 5 minutes apart and very painful. When Daniel woke up to go teach his class, she asked if we could go in for her to be checked after his class. So we left Becca with a sitter and went. When the nurse at labor and delivery checked, Caroline was at 4+ cm dilation and 80% effaced and Thomas was at -1 station. The nurse asked if we were ready to have a baby today, and I don't think she has ever heard a more enthusiastic "YES!!!" So we were admitted to the hospital at 9:30 am and Caroline asked for her first popsicle at 9:31 am. We walked around the floor to try to help things along for an hour or so and then got Caroline another popsicle (the nurse said she either had to keep hydrated or have an IV, this is Caroline's excuse for all the popsicles). When she was checked again at 10:48, she was declared a 5 with no other changes. We celebrated and got her another popsicle, things seemed to be moving along so nicely. Around 11:30, the doctor was consulted and said that Caroline needed an IV anyway because he wanted one in just incase anything went wrong. So our nurse tried to put an IV in Caroline. I doubt anyone reading this has had the experience of trying to put an IV in Caroline, but it is not an easy task...at all. Our nurse tried to put the IV in her hand three times (with accompanied digging around) and was unsuccessful, so she called another nurse in who was supposed to be better at it. After 3 more tries in her wrist and a suprised declaration that she must not have any veins in her hand, this nurse gave up also and called an anesthesiologist. So, an hour after they started trying, and on the anesthesiologist's 2nd attempt, Caroline finally had an IV in her elbow. This required her to keep her arm straight to let the fluid flow in, not a good situation with contractions getting stronger. By 1:00 pm, Caroline figured that if she heard that she was at a 5 one more time she might scream, so she consented to have her water broken. Her doctor was in surgery, so they just got a doctor that was around to do it. When he poked the thing in not much liquid came out, so he tried harder. This seemed incidental at the time, but Thomas was later born with three scabs on the top of his head and the only logical explination for them is the doctor poking him in the head. Not nice for our little boy. Whether it worked or not, Caroline did start to progress better after this. She was 100% effaced by 3:05 and her contractions were getting very strong. She started feeling cold, so she asked for warm blankies and she started feeling hard done by so she asked for another popsicle. We didn't know it at the time, but this was to be the final popsicle. At 4:00 she was 6 cm dialated and her contractions were getting so hard she was having trouble breathing well and her arms kept falling asleep. They tried to get her to breath into a oxygen mask that wasn't hooked up to control her breathing better but it didn't work. She got worried she would pass out and so asked for fentanyl to help her control things, even though she really didn't want to. The fentanyl didn't seem to help much actually. By 4:46, she was at 7 cm and really really wanting to push. The nurse was getting on to her because she was biting my shirt to help herself with the pain. The nurse said this would make her pelvis tighten (who knows why) and so she should not, so I would hide her head so she could bite away without the nurse nagging her. Things went quickly from here, though Caroline said repeatedly that she was sure time was creeping by and she would still never have this baby. Caroline's doctor arrived at 5:11 and Thomas was born only 6 minutes later. Caroline did the pushing part all in one contraction. Thomas promptly scored an 8 and then a 9 on his Apgars, just like his sister, and was declared fit as a fiddle. He had some bruising on his lower lip that spread to the rest of his face, so his first few pictures he looks swollen and funny colored, but he is over that already. This time we got to sit with him for a full hour in the delivery room before they rushed us off. It was really nice. He was crying during all the testing and warming him up, but as soon as they let Caroline hold him, he calmed right down. He also was a ravenous eater, and was born knowing where the food is and how to get it. We are pretty psyched about that. Unless you have had a kid that didn't want to nurse well, you don't really appreciate how nice is it to have one that just goes right to it. We were moved to a nice recovery room and things just swam along until we got back home with our new family member. Becca was quite stressed because we left her with some friends of ours for the night that Thomas was born, and then the day after she had to stay with some other friends for a couple of hours while we got all the testing done and got home. She is now very unhappy if either of us appear to be walking away if she is around someone else. Thomas is such a sweet little boy. He sleeps well and alot and only seems to cry when he is hungry (or at least wanting to suck on something). He already is opening his eyes and staring around at his world. Becca is trying to be a good big sister the best she knows how (at this point, it mainly means she is trying to interact with Thomas in some way that doesn't result in us telling her to be more gentle or to stop whatever she is doing.) Caroline is adjusting to the hormone drop and having two kids underfoot all the time. Her mom was able to come up for a few days to help her get started (and of course to snuggle the grandkids). Daniel had to just pick up where he left off and is trying to catch back up with his lesson planning, thesis writing, and homework grading all at once. This time around, it is not as relaxed as it was right after Rebecca was born, but my family is resting right now. Rebecca screamed her way to sleep (she has had a hard, long day), Caroline and Thomas are on the floor right by the desk, both with their eyes closed (Thomas is actually wiggling some), and still, I don't think I could be much happier. There is so much to get caught up with in this life. I still have to go to work, I will have to leave early to teach my class and somethow catch back up with all the mumbo jumbo that earns us money so that we can have food in our cupboards and a roof over our heads. But right now, it doesn't matter. My little family is growing. My wife finally has less pain than she has had in 9 months and can rest. My daughter is growing and learning so fast that you can actually see her learn something new every day. I love them all so very much. This is what it is all about and why I do all of the other things. Life isn't as relaxed as it was when Becca was born but, just as last time, all is well. What more can I ask for?


Love hugs and warm cuddles,

Daniel, Caroline, Rebecca, and Thomas


Let Freedom Ring?

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Howdy all,

Well, time is marching on and we are moving with it. We have all been busy with work in some form or another recently. Daniel has his job and thesis and Caroline has Becca, which is a handful sometimes. Since last we posted Becca turned one year old! She went from toppling around to walking in what seemed like a week. Finally gained the confidence she needed I guess. For her birthday we had a few friends over to our "backyard" for cake and icecream so that Becca could have a good time romping with thier kids. Actually, that was the day after her birthday and the day before Caroline's mom and dad came up to celebrate with Becca, so really not much happened ON her birthday because daddy was at work, but she did not seem to care. Caroline fixed her a cupcake birthday cake in the shape of a furry pink caterpillar, it was very cute and we have pictures in the new album. We expected Becca to make a BIG mess when she ate her cupcake, but she was such a little lady about it. She ate very carefully and only got her mouth particularly dirty. We couldn't decide if we were disappointed or proud of her. She doesn't have this success with most of the things she eats (you should see her first experience with Macaroni and Cheese in the album...very messy.) She seemed to have a great time even though she was still only crawling at the time and could not keep up with some of her friends. We also had fun with all of our friends, thanks for coming y'all.



She had fun with grandma and grandpa Nielson the day before her birthday. She opened her presents (pretty much all by herself!) and had fun with her first cupcake ever! She was a little messier with this cupcake than the one at her birthday party, but not much. We had a good time visiting with Caroline's parents and beating them in Rook and even got the bonus of getting to unload some of the bigger baby toys to go back to their owners. It was great to be able to borrow the exersaucer and jumparoo and Becca really loved them, but after she got to big for them, they were hard to store in our bitsy apartment. Overall we think Becca had a fun birthday weekend.


Other than that, Becca is now walking like a pro. She no longer wants to be carried at all unless it is on Daddy's shoulders and abhors being put in a shopping cart or the stroller for too long. She now says "Bease" when asking for things (cause Mom always says "please give that to me" when she is not supposed to have something) and "Dis, dis" and "Dat, dat" when she wants to know what something is. She has also started saying "Uhoh!" when she drops something, which is pretty much at every mealtime. She also says "got it!" when she gets a toy out of her box. She has gotten over her milk problem and now quite enjoys milk and cheese. We are still holding off on carrots for a little while though. Pretty much she is just happy and growing!


Caroline is sick of being pregnant already. Her tummy has started practicing which keeps her up at night, and when the tummy is not doing anything, Thomas decides it is time to get some exercise in. He is now quite the mover. We got the chance to go to the Logan temple the other day before it closed for the summer. There seemed to be quite a few very pregnant sisters in our session. Caroline sat beside one and they were both having their tummies move in sync the whole time. It was funny to watch, but distracting for her and me. It was nice to get to go to the temple though. Caroline has also been finding ways to get out of the house with Becca for adventures. Becca loves bus rides and there are quite a few nice parks close to our house. We have been patronizing the Willow Park Zoo some lately because it is cute to watch Becca with the ducks and turtles. She likes turtles alot and likes to feed the ducks.


Daniel is just working as much as he can. His job at Sam's club has been taking up alot of time because of the 4th of July. Seems everyone wants custom cut meats to grill. He was able to make it home for the fireworks on the third, just barely. That was a blessing to him and he loved watching Becca enjoy the show. She liked the colors and big booms. He is oh so close to finishing his thesis, but oh so close to being out of time also. Makes things tricky. He and his advisor feel he can make it though. Keep it in your prayers that we will finish up. Most future plans are on hold until the thesis is done because if it is not done, we can't be going to Provo since they will be expecting him to have his degree. So, things will be resolved this month one way or the other. We are hoping for the one way, then freedom can ring for maybe a week before packing begins.

Love and Hugs,

Daniel and Caroline