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This is an archive of programs that either I, or a fellow autoit user, have created.  Feel free to download them at your leisure.  Email me at:
( d a n d y m c g e e 1 2 3 - a t - y a h o o - d o t - c o m ) <-- [ no spaces ] if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.  Thanks!

Dan's GUI.exe - This program is currently unavailable.

Mouse Gone Crazy.exe - The name says it all.  Start up this program, and follow the instructions.  Guaranteed to provide many hours a excitement and fun!  Enjoy yourself, use my Mouse Gone Crazy program now!... Sorry 'bout the advertisement lingo.  This program simply makes your mouse move to random positions on your screen until you hit the enter key, at which point it will notify you that you owe me twenty dollars.

WARNING:  After this message appears the program seems to end, but what it really does is hides in the background and steals all of your PayPal and banking information then automatically wires twenty dollars from your account to me.  Please download this program as I am running low on money right now...LOL.

GameProject.zip - This is the source code of my game project, on which work is discontinued.  It is available to anybody for free, but is specifically posted here for MethodZero as he requested it.

Fool in the Rain - A beep version of "Fool in the Rain" by Led Zeppelin.

Impossible Quiz Bot.exe - Source Code(Requires AutoIt) - A bot for the popular flash game "The Impossible Quiz".  This bot will do levels 1 through 80 for you.  This program was meant to be used to get back to 80 once you have made it there once on your own so that you do not have to go through all of the levels manually each time you lose, but obviously I have no way of telling whether or not you've done the first 80 levels on your own.  Using this before you even try to do the levels on your own simply ruins the fun of the whole game and therefore is not recommended.

That's all for now, I'm constantly doing my best to improve, so visit my site again soon!

Last Updated: 5/17/07

Update June 22, 2016

Holy shit.. this website still exists. :o Here are all of the hidden files that have been sitting around on this server since 2007:

Boden's Search Bot 0.3.zip
Breakout 1.1 Paddle Fix.zip
Dan's Breakout 1.1.zip
Dandymcgee JtH0.2-Broken.zip
Dans Fun Game lsg 0.4.zip
Developer Files.zip
DME 0.2.2c.zip
Engine Template.zip
FinitePhoto v1.1.zip
FinitePhoto v1.2.zip
FinitePhoto v1.zip
LSG Free Movement.zip
Lua Script Game 0.41.zip
Lua Script Game 0.46.zip
Lua Script Game 0.46c Clean.zip
Lua Script Game 0.46c.zip
Physics Project Final.zip
Physics Project.zip
physics thingy.zip
Snake 0.1.zip
Vondido All Versions.zip