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The biggest earthquake for nearly 25 years is felt across large parts of England and many people had experienced this this happened roughly around 12.55am- although many reports say that this was a strong earthquake the media were soon able to give information on this occurance. It was scary and this was just something that I have never experienced before (danastrouk)


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Hello and welcome to Dan Astro UK we wish to welcome you to my new astronomy site we hope that you will enjoy your visit and hope you will continue supporting our site by visiting us regularly. I had started being interested in astronomy since I was a kid and now I have seen a number of astronomical events that I will never forget about and I felt that it would be nice to set up a website to keep keen astronomers and backyard stargazers informed of any event taking place that I am informed about. Once again thank you for taking the time to visit this site and you can also visit my myspace site. By visiting the myspace site you can also communicate with people of a simular hobbie or passion involving astronomy and get connected to people from worldwide. Feel free to add us to your friends list and hope you enjoy the rest of your day/evening.

Online Submission Requests

We would like any amateur astronomer or anyone who has a passion in astronomy and stargazing to please send us your observation reports we will publish a few online for other people to view with your permission. Please do not send us your original copy of your report but please either type another one up and send it via email to the email address at the bottom of this website or via myspace or as a file attachement thank you.

(We will require the following information from you)

The location of the photograph, when it was taken time and date and what camera you used to take the image this helps up to become clear of how you taken the image and to give visitors online the chance to learn how people take their photographs/images.


If you have taken a stunning photo of a sunrise/sun set or anything relating to the daytime or evening sky then please feel free to send them to the site thank you.

M = Mercury V= Venus E = Earth M = Mars J = Jupiter S = Saturn U = Uranus N = Neptune P = Pluto        

M = My    V =    Very  E = Elderly  M = Mother  J = Just S = Sat U = Upon  N= Nepolions P = Picture                 

My = Mercury  Very = Venus  Elderly = Earth  Mother = Mars  Just = Jupiter  Sat = Saturn  Upon = Uranus  Nepolions = Neptune  Picture = pluto there are loads of ways to remember the planets by the first initals do you know of any ways.

What is Astronomy

What is Astronomy?

Have you ever wondered how the world began? have you always had the interest of looking at shooting stars that shoot by on a nice clear evening with pitch black skies, well astronomy involves looking at the night sky with interest. I started when I was 13 and I have always been interested in viewing night sky bodies. I remember seeing a shooting star once and I think it was when the Geminids meteor Shower was happening and it was like a bluish greeny colour and I saw it and was really amazed at viewing it. You can observe the night sky with binoculars, telescopes, or the naked eye and you can learn alot about the solar system by reading books about it.


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