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Ethnic orgone are orgone generators with an ethnic twist. They are painted using ethnic symbols , colors and textures. I also sell un painted orgone generators. They are made using quartz crystals ( quartz crystals produce a naturally balanced energy field. they also tend to remove the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity. Acts as an energizer and provides cleansing of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies) , hematite, other stones, metal shavings ,copper shavings,  and resin. The crystal is wrapped clockwise with 18 guage copper wire, to direct the energy . We are constantly bombarded with negative energy coming from cell phone towers, microwaves, tvs, computers, electrical wiring, and so much more. These generators change deadly Dor (deadly orgone energy) into healthy orgone energy. Put simply they balance the energy field. The painted ones can be used around the home and the unpainted ones can be used for gifting your community. For personal protection you can wear the necklaces. see melanin wellness part I:Melanin and Sacred metals and stones.





Disclaimer:  These devices are not intended to heal or cure any diseases. Please consult a health practitioner if you are ill.



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