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  "April 22nd, 2013"


NEW diary entry below!   To all long time viewers and new viewers:  BAW will be officially shut-down in July because programming has been changed that shut down transferring photos, and now transferring words via 'copy and paste' into the archives.  This causes profound work to fix this manually, and this is an extreme high level of work for me.  My resolve is that I continue to write diary entries to Anna, but kept safe in my own word documents where no one can touch them.  This is what is most important for Anna; that despite anything, Anna receives my words.  My email will remain active, but come July, BAW will be shut down.  Thanks to all who view this site, and special thanks to all members  (All 558 of you)!!  There's more than just this page, scroll up and click titles to see more!  Want to swap links?  Send me an Email that is listed below, and welcome to BAW!!



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The Real Men That Are Left Deserve More Rights, Not More Persecution!




The reason for the creation of this site is simple:  It is a place where men have met and spent time with women who poked holes in condoms, told you that they did take their birth-control device or even said that they couldn't get pregnant.  It is also for the men who have had to endure the kind of woman that loves to mess with your head, make up stories and lies, and dominate and control everything about you.  And then, when the pregnancy happens, they abuse you in every fashion imaginable, like saying they will ma*il you the aborted fetus, etc. 

I have suffered some of the above, and if you have too, then this is what I'd like for you to do:  sub*mit your story.  Sub mit your tale with what a woman did to you.  I want to see the whole world chec*k out this site and be informed that there are a sizeable amount of women out there who are giving good women a bad name.  And also, that not ALL men are dead-beats.  That they got a woman pregnant, wish to be a man and take on his responsibility, and she became the devil incarnate.  That she poured on excessive abuse, doing everything in her power to keep a man from being a part of his new childs life.

My goal is to compile as many of these tales on this site as possible.  To vent the animosity, to heal and possibly love a gain.  But I MUST ask that those of you who sub*mit a story TELL THE TRUTH.  The REAL truth.  Not possible events, but what really happened.  I wish to see this website be a catalyst for encouragement to the general perception that not all men are dead-beats.  That not all men don't care to be a part of their child's life.  That the laws of the land reform its "Total Power To The Woman" policy, and allow men more say-so.  I understand that it is the woman's body, but nine months compared to the next 50+ plus years doesn't even be gin to compare.  Just because the fetus is inside of her is not a ticket for total power.  And if a man wants to be a real man and be a part of it, as he should be, he should have an easier time doing that.

So sub*mit your story to babiesasweapons@aol (by all means, ladies, sub*mit your story of your story or of your man's story too!); take your time, and recall the abuse you withstood and how the court handled your situation.  Use Babies As Weapons as a site to let the world know the truth.  Thank you for visiting Babies As Weapons, and be sure to click on the other pages listed at the top of this main page for more!

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Anna's Diary


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April 22nd, 2013


My Dearest Anna,


I am so sorry that I am so late with writing to you!  I have been having a very hard time as to how to say to you that I have really done something terrible:  I floated a pool.


To float a pool, it means that you pump out the water from the pool around the ground that surrounds the pool.  There is a sewer access drain near the pool, and that is where I aimed the pump drains that I placed in the pool to drain into.  But my pumps were too good, as the water would not drain fast enough to the sewer drain, and instead the water drained all over the sides of the pool. 


When the amount of water that is draining around the ground is so great, that it cannot drain fast enough in the ground, it will start to fill up like pouring a liquid in a glass.  The force of all the water I pumped out of the pool that poured around the pool actually pushed the pool frame out of the ground!  In all of my career, this is the single biggest mistake I have ever made, and this job is the last place I would ever want to make this mistake or any mistake—I am very happy here.


The total damage is seventy-thousand dollars at this point.  To fix my mistake, it will be at least that amount, but will end up being likely a whole lot more.  I should have known better, as clues did surface, but for some reason I did not catch them.


A pool with full water, after the pool without water has been cleaned and prepared for water, should only take 8-12 gallons of chlorine pool shock to get it back to normal.  I was told that we were going to put 50-60 gallons in the pool.  I missed realizing that 50-60 gallons of chlorine is quite a lot, when I only need 8-12 gallons.  This was my clue that we were not going to drain the existing water that is in the pool. 


After the incident and after I examined why it happened, I realized that all the time that I have drained pools successfully in the past, is because I drained the water very far from the pool; with a very strong pump that had a drain-line that ran very far from the pool itself.  This means the pool would never have had all that water around the pool to push it out of the ground.


I have been struggling with words, and it is a lot of the reason why I am so late with writing to you.  I very much feel like everything that I have done in this field just got “shut-off” by my very big mistake.  I am not a very smart person, but feel that I did not give common sense a chance in my decision.  I guess they say, “hind-sight is always 20/20” but this does not have anything to do with that in my opinion.  I did not properly asses the situation and act accordingly.  I messed up very big, and lucky that I still have this job.


My resolve is to in turn, for as long as I am employed with this employer, to give my most extreme best and hope to continue my mission of saving my employer as much money as I possibly can.  To beautify this property more than has ever been done, to clean up previous wrongs done by previous maintenance personnel, and to give everything I have to make sure this happens. 


For now, I have to fight against my struggle to work through my mistake, and try to move on.  It is proving very difficult, however.


I love you, I am always with you, you are always with me, and very few things besides that actually matter.  Keep learning about the world, working hard in school, and listening to your mother!  I love you Anna!







VIEWER:  All archived entries of Anna's Diary are found on the "XenoSapien Speaks" page.


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Currently five amendments to current custody laws, here you can read and vote on your approval/disapproval for my belief of changes/additions to current custody laws.  Below the Amendments are some petitions that you might be interested in signing including mandatory DNA submission when a child is born.


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***Reader/viewer:  I respect the opinion of someone who hates everything about what I've done here, and even including me, that actually READS ALL that is written in all pages greater than someone who skims a few and sends me nothing but praises. 

The more you read, the more valid I will believe your opinion to be; the less you read, the less valid I will believe your opinion to be.  Folks, all  pages here on BAW ARE the short answer to the mission of BAW.  And I really do want to hear more NEGATIVE feedback!  I want to be told where and how I am wrong; what do you have to lose by doing so?

Important to know: Reading all of BAW is most important to me above anything.  Of course I don't encourage people to read this site all the way through when they first view it.  Save the address ( to a file of yours, and read a little when time permits.  I'm not after fame, fortune or glory with BAW--just viewership. 



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