Daatje 2008

X-country schooling clinic with Tom Davis, May 26th, 2008

What a great school!  Here are some photos from Daatje's first x-country clinic.

 He began with the 4 riders practicing riding up and down the terrain.


Tom showing me a better position to control my mare when galloping.

The first jump.

I'm very proud of her for this one.  There's trees, shadows, brush....and yet she went right over. :)

Up the little bank.

This little fence used to scare me so much when I was in college!  I had a fear of riding down hill, and to jump a log before hand seemed like a frightening proposition.

No fear today though. :)  Daatje handled the downgrade like an old hat.

Merry-go-round in the water. :)

Cantering through the water!

Not sure about jumping into the water. :)

She did it!  Good girl. :)

Very enthusiastic about jumping out of the water. :)

At the end, he had us piece together all of the jumps that we had practiced into a mini 6 fence course.  She did that too!