Daatje 2008

Tom Davis Clinic 8/16/08

Daatje and I participated in another clinic with Tom on 8/16.  As usual, Tom had great advice and we saw results from his techniques during the clinic.

Warming up.  She's a bit fresh.  It was 90°F today before a thunderstorm blew through and dropped it to 60°F!  She likes the cooler weather.

 A warm up cross rail.

 Waiting for the other riders.  There were three of us during this school.


 Sniffing the first jump.

 Jumping the first jump.

 My lovely girl. :)

"Mare" ears.

 Jumping away.

 Coming back over the same log.

 Cantering at a log. 

 There's the log.

 I honestly didn't think the mare could get this airborne.  You go big girl. :)

 A closer look.

 The little ditch.

 Here's a shot of the three of us.  The other two mounts seemed to be TB's or crosses of some sort. 

 The tires. 

 I don't what I was thinking here.  Spacing out would be my guess. :)

 Tom had us practicing jumping up and down a slope.

 He,he....this one's silly.

 Pretty mare.....

 Another log.

 Up the bank.


 Down the bank. 

 Waiting our turn.


 Through the water.  The footing was much better than it looks.  It looks like a muck puddle, but the horses weren't sinking in the least, so I bet there's gravel under there.

 Through the water, out and over the vertical.

 Over the vertical, down and through the water.

 And back again.

 At the end.


Getting undone.

 Big thanks to my brother Nate, for coming with me to take the photos.  Thanks Nate!



 Getting sponged off.

 Loading up to go home.

 Oh my......what's wrong with this picture?  Mum forgot to put up the breast bar!  Good girl for allowing me to make mistakes and not pay dearly for them. :)

 Breast bar up, kisses for a good girl.