Daatje 2008

Easyboot Epics

Daatje and I have taken quite a liking to Foxhunting!  We have joined the Wentworth Hunt and ride out with the hounds every weekend we can.  :)  What a thrill it is to watch the hounds work!

We began in hilltop field, which was too slow for Daatje's liking, so we promptly moved up to 2nd field.  We even rode with 1st field once prior to the formal season. :)

Well, everyone knows I prefer to keep Daatje barefoot.  The varied terrain encountered while hunting is too much for her without hoof protection of some kind, so I had a choice to make.  Shoe again or boot.

After the results from shoeing her last summer, I decided to make the commitment to find her a pair of boots that were both comfortable and performers in the hunt field.

We settled on the Easyboot Epics, heel strap removed and replaced with tapers, 12mm comfort pad inserted, and the bottom drilled for studs, which we use on grass and plan on using this winter in the ice and snow.

Their performance has been outstanding!  I decided to take some photos to send in to Easycare Inc. with a testimonial describing how fabulous the Epics have been in the hunt field.

Here are the photos from that shoot. :)

A closeup of her hooves sporting the Epics.

Confidently jumping 3' in her boots.

Excellent traction with the studs on grass.  She was slipping occationaly behind that day as the evening went on and the dew began to settle.  I can't wait until her hind pair arrives!

The bottom of her hoof after removing the boots. :)