Clout Creek Dorpers

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Sires and Dams

The best way of illustrating Clout Creek breeding stock is to provide a simple description of sires, dams and lambs; then ask you to check their photographs on another page.

  1. Eric (W15394) - Son of Springvale Patrick
  2. Rollo (Z23579) - Son of Amarula Rifle and grandson of Amarula Max
  3. Karl (Z23580) - Grandson of Springvale Patrick and Kaya 993548
  4. Cyclone (B23578) - Twin; also half brother to Kaya 036132 who sold for $5,700 in 2005
  5. Freda (X4255) - Half sister to Amarula Rife, Amarula Douggie and Amarula Shotgun (each is a Champion ram) 
  6. Dora (X4281) - Daughter of Amarula Max
  7. CC (Z15393) - Daughter of Springvale Patrick
  8. Cowgirl (Z23572) - Daughter of Amarula Tom and grandaughter of Kaya 993548

Photographs of the above mentioned sires and dams may be seen at the Photo Gallery.


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