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ADWDA - Aust Dorper & White Dorper Assocn


This page is for new and existing breeders who like the idea of taking dorper sheep into the future.


ADWDA is an association of commercial and stud breeders from across Australia who believe in the importance of mutual support, trust and integrity; these features being necessary to satisfy the needs of breeders and buyers, no matter the size of their property or flock! 

Some members are longstanding breeders with studs established shortly after the introduction of dorpers to Australia in 1996.  I have been breeding dorpers since 2003.


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My Advantages from ADWDA membership include:
  • The chance to share and exchange ideas with like minded people.
  • A legimate reason to enjoy time learning more about dorpers.
  • Reliable representation of my ideas at Board level, and...
  • As more people network and attend shows, further interest and growth in the dorper industry is generated.


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