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Welcome to Clout Creek Dorpers - Albury NSW.


Member of the Australian Dorper & White Dorper Association




Our mission is to breed high quality Dorpers. To achieve this mission we have sourced impressive bloodlines and developed a breeding programme focusing on conformation, muscle/meat and shedding qualities.

Clout Creek dorper interests began in 2003 with breeding stock from Amarula, then Springvale; and Kaya in 2007 - those studs being industry leaders developing superior dorper genetics.





'The Boys' - fed on unimproved pasture, these rams display good length, size, cover and muscle.








 Dorpers provide your business with a competitive edge, facilitating optimum cash flows and holistic management practices. An impressive list of traits make this breed attractive to people in all climatic zones of Australia; particularly as a non shearing meat sheep.


On This Website

 Most people can find pages with something of interest -

  • Sales - Full Blood and X bred animals
  • Gene Pool - some of my animals and their relatives
  • Why Dorpers - a list of desirable breed traits
  • Photo Gallery - includes sires, foundation ewes, and bloodlines at Clout Creek
  • Price Trends - general description 1996 to 2007



Located at Albury, NSW, I have noted significant interest in dorpers since their 1996 introduction to Australia; especially the growing number of people buying dorpers in poor seasons. 

Clout Creek is a small enterprise using natural mating methods to satisfy stud and commercial expectations. Please look at other pages on this web site to experience Dorpers and 'Clout Creek'.

Telephone and Email.  If you have a question or want more Dorper details telephone 02-60255435, or email me:

Mark Dixen , principal at Clout Creek Dorpers.         

This website is updated on a semi-regular basis ... check below for dates.    

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