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Party Planning

Want to have an unforgettable party?  Want your party to be the talk of the town?  Let the Cuddly Crew spruce up your next party or event! From birthdays to scout troops, Bridal showers and baby showers, even end of the year parties and group activities!  People of all ages will love the fun from the Cuddly Crew.

Party Packages are an affordable and memorable way to have fun, great for any type of event.  Our kits are packed to go with everything you need to have a "stuff-n-fluff" party, no sewing is involved, just fun with your own hands.  We can customize a specific package to suit your needs.

Here are some Party Package ideas:


Basic Party Package
Package with Pal Kits and White Tee Shirts.


Super Party Package
Package with Pal Kits and 
Outfits or Accessories


Deluxe Party Package
Package with Pal Kits, Outfits, and Accessories


With our packages, you can have 8 inch Pals, 15 inch Pals, or mix and match.  The possibilities are endless.  This is your party so we are here to cater to your specific wants and needs.  Fill out the form below for more information and pricing and we can get started planning your party.




*How many people will attend?
Less than 5
5-10 people
10-20 people
More than 20 people
Not sure

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