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Fun With Fundraisers

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Here at the Cuddly Crew, we know how important it is to raise money for various funds for your organization.  Let the Cuddly Crew help you raise money for any cause with our Fundraiser Program through Stuff A Pal.
We make raising money fun and easy to do! All you have to do is sign up.


Stuff A Pal Fundraisers are done completely online.  When you sign up you, we will provide your organization with your own website to help promote your fundraiser.  Your supporters can shop on your site and have the items shipped directly to their homes.  We make it easy to do so you have nothing to worry about it.

No money to handlesmiling piggy bank image
No products to sort or distribute
All orders are shipped directly to your supporters
Earn 30% of all sales

It does not cost anything to start your fundraiser.  You can start earning funds right away. 


To sign up or request more info:

  Email Me

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