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** Enchanted Potions is now closed for business. Thank you to everyone
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The Cuddly Crew now offers luxurious handmade soaps and bath products that will have you coming back for more!  With a large variety of products and over 90 fragrances to choose from, you'll have as much fun choosing them as using them.

Pamper yourself with such fabulous bath products as Sizzling Tub Salts, divine Cream Bar Soaps, fragrant Shower Gels and heavenly Bath Bubbles.

We use the freshest ingredients and each order is handmade fresh for the customer when the order is placed.  You won't get products that have been sitting on a shelf, but freshly made and bursting with fragrance.

Shop today and get pampered!

Top Selling Scents & Products

Check out our Top Selling Scents and Products.
See if your favorites made the list and
discover new ones to buy for your gifts.

Top Sellers

  1. Hand & Body Lotion
  2. Body Butter Bar
  3. Sachet Envelopes
  4. Solar Sea Salts
  5. Body Spray
  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Dune Grass
  3. Vanilla Blossom
  4. Love Spell (type)
  5. Hula Hula

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