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Thank you to our Youth Chair:

Jennifer Ambrosino, for her hard work & dedication!


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Jessica Crowhurst, from Northern California, has specialized in raising Dutch rabbits for the last seven years. With the ARBA Convention being held in California, it was decided that Jessica should be able to attend her first Convention. Since she enjoys testing her knowledge of rabbits, some friends invited her to join them in competing to try to make one of the judging teams for the 2009 ARBA Convention. Jessica studied hard before competing at three contests in the spring. She also entered the Royalty contests for the first time ever. She had to start at the top, in the Queen division for 15 – 18 year olds, since she was 15 years old, but she likes a challenge (that's why she raises Dutch!)

In May, at the West Coast Classic, Jessica was first runner up Queen in her first Royalty competition. In June, in the Cal State Royalty competition, she tied for first runner up Queen. When the results for all the youth competitors were tallied and the judging teams were announced for the Convention, Jessica stood 6th in the State among seniors and made the District 2 judging team.

With the support of many people, Jessica was able to go to the ARBA Convention in San Diego in November. What an experience! It was incredible to see all the rabbits, meet people from all over the US, and see hundreds of youth competitors from across the Nation! It was an exciting and busy time.

It was quite a thrill when Jessica made the cut, and got a call back in judging. The thrill escalated when she was told that she had also gotten a call back in the Royalty contest. That had been her preliminary goal, but it was quite a feat considering there were 46 senior girls competing for the Queen title.

In addition to the youth contests, she also showed her Dutch. Naturally this was the largest Dutch show she had ever shown at, with over 180 youth Dutch. Her rabbits did pretty well. One of her young black does, ended up winning the largest class of Dutch in the youth show, placing first out of 17 black junior does.

The grand finale for the youth contests was the elegant youth awards banquet. When the results were announced, Jessica had won the Achievement contest for seniors in District 2. Additionally, the District 2 judging team , of which she was a team member, won second place of all the senior teams. Being the biggest and most prestigious competion, the Royalty results were announced last, with the huge Queen division being the very last announcement. Imagine the surprise when a 15 year old girl, attending her first National Convention was announced as the winner, ...Jessica Crowhurst. As Jessica has said, “It was the best night of my life. I had worked so hard and put in so many hours of studying and practicing and it paid off.” She is already looking toward next year, hoping to compete at the 2010 ARBA Convention, with the goal of doing her very best once again, because after all, she does enjoy a challenge.



A big thank you to

Jennifer Ambrosino

for being our Youth Committee Chairperson. She does a fantastic job for Cal State Convention!