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Welcome to Extreme Warrior Cats Roleplay - Electric Fire


*A hilltop looms above you as you race upwards. The sun is not peeking over the hill, and it is dark on the land you came from.* 'Almost. There.'

*You leap up onto the top of the hill. You're amazed at what you see! An orange and pink sunlit valley is just awakening under the sun's warm rays.*

*You see a pine forest, covered with snow, a desert with a looming rocky volcano, a lush, green and fresh forest and a huge rocky ditch, filled to the brim with boulders.*

*Three waterfalls crash down by three of the camps. A small dug out ditch is also there, tucked away in a corner of the valley. It's a wolf camp.*

'Made it! Now, I'll join..........'

Make your decision, before it's gone.

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18th August - 19th August is the date of the next Gathering!

Please Email me if you can't make it.

seymour115@yahoo.co.uk (Fangripper's email)

Chat Rules:

.No swearing or cussing. Damn and hell are allowed though, but only in RP.

.No spamming - limit of smileys is 3.

.No advertising.

.Respect Owners and Moderators, and do as they say.

.If a mod or an owner are breaking rules, please email me.

.Only cats and wolves please.

.No powers at all, that means fire wolves and ect.

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