Waterbury American Graffiti

The Crosby High Class of 1959

Life is short and goes by fast,

and I find myself reminiscing about the past.

Late in the evening when I�m alone,

I often think of people I have known.

We were young and at loose ends,

which formed a bond for us as friends.

There were many fun-filled days,

and then we went our separate ways.

It was decades ago when our paths crossed,

but over time the contacts were lost.

Some must be forever gone, I am sure,

while others probably still endure.

I hope their lives have all been good,

as they deservedly should.

I long to know where they may be,

and wonder if they think of me.


             (Acros B. Hylamnus, Crosby High Class of 1959 Poet Laureate)

If you are a member of the Crosby High School Class of 1959, I'm looking for you.

My work here is done, and your contribution is needed now for this site to grow. Help make this page an online cyber reunion experience - send your life profile, memories of life in Waterbury during the 1950s, and/or memories of your Crosby High experiences to me at crosbyhigh1959@hotmail.com for posting on this page.

NEW on 11/11/08: Post your profile, memories of life in Waterbury during the 1950s, and/or memories of your Crosby High experiences on the Class Blog instead of sending them to me.



What was your favorite after school hangout? The Handy Kitchen on West Main Street was THE "in" place in the 1950s.



Where did you use your fake ID when you stopped for "beverages" before going to the Pine Drive-In or Lake Drive-In? Who did you vote for in the 1959 Miss Rheingold contest?




What were your after school activities? I (at left in photo) was a member of the Waterbury Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. We met weekly at the Naval Reserve Training Center on Huntingdon Avenue. Other class members in the squadron at the time included Harold Baker, George Blower, Brenda Larsen, Phyllis Poliks, and Eddi Zyko.




Did you have an after school job? I was a soda jerk at a drugstore three afternoons a week.





I also worked with Bob Primus (and some other class members) on some weekends in 1958 and 1959 doing supermarket and retail store inventories for the just established Count-Rite inventory services company. We sometimes went as far as Long Island to inventory some King Kullen Supermarkets. Count-Rite is now RGIS Inventory Services with a Waterbury office on East Main Street.







Were you one of the "howling mob" members involved in the "disturbance" at the YMCA in 1958?







Bob Janatiss and Len Marino probably have vivid memories of this 1959 "incident" at the Handy Kitchen. Classmate comments regarding this prank are at the bottom of this page.




Did you work at any of the Waterbury brass mills before they went belly up in the 1970s?





      Chase Brass & Copper Co. employee badge




Whether or not you send me anything, you should join the Crosby High Class of 1959 Group at Graduates.com, where you can post your profile and view other class members' profiles, and send them e-mail for free, which you can't do on Classmates.com unless you pay to be a Gold Member.

To see class member contributions I've received to date, look under my Briefs.



I�m just hangin' out in/of my Jockeys while waiting for the underwhelming volume of contributions I anticipate from fellow class members, so I've prepared brief profiles of more than 50 of them based on info I have gleaned from my network of contacts, snitches, and relatives during the past few years, and while doing research for this opus. There is a recent photo of many of them on the 2004 Class Reunion Photos website. If you know that any of this info is inaccurate or outdated, have info on any other class member(s), and/or are sickened by the photo on the left, please let me know.

Ron Abrahams is Chairman & CEO of Ergo Science Corp in Massachusetts.

Paul Babarik was appointed Vice President of Avaya Channel Sales at Veramark Technologies in New York in September 2002. Since joining Veramark in 1987, he has held several sales management positions, the most recent as Vice President of Sales from April 1996 to September 2002, and Director of AT&T Sales from 1989 to 1996.




Harold Baker was a Mathematics teacher at Litchfield High School and a Computer Science and Mathematics Instructor at Naugatuck Valley Community College and the UConn Waterbury campus. >>Joanne Berardi Bodenhamer lives in Bartlesville, OK. 



Judith Block Solomon graduated from Brandeis University in 1963, and is a professional artist (sample left) living in Warren CT >>Norm Blondin lives in Southbury CT. >>Russ Bowen has retired from Aetna Life & Casualty in Hartford, and is on the Board of Directors of the Ice Center of Washington West in Waterbury VT. He lives in Waitsfield VT. Read more about him. >>Dave Brady was married to Anne Brennan, but they had divorced many years prior to his death. >>John Bunnell hosts the Solid Gold Rock & Roll Party on WATR Radio in Waterbury on Sunday nights from 6:00 to 10:00 PM. Listen to WATR now.

Dennis Collette is President & CEO of Newton Memorial Hospital in Newton NJ. >>Nic Coviello has been exploring the natural world � and bringing forth imagery filtered through his highly personal, technology-assisted artistry from his first exhibit at the New York World�s Fair to his retirement from Lecturer in Digital Design at the University of Pennsylvania. His work has been exhibited internationally as well as extensively in the U.S. >>Joe Cutrali was recognized for 30 years of service at Naugatuck Valley Community College in 2002. He passed away in 2006.

Tony Del Negro is on the Board of Directors of the Anderson Boys Club of Waterbury and lives in Southbury CT. >>Nick Del Rosso owns the Prospect (CT) Golf Driving Range. >>Kathleen Desmarais Ream is a retired registered nurse with 5 children, 15 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. She lives in Sun City AZ. >>Pat DiDomizio is President of the Board of Directors of the Anderson Boys Club of Waterbury. >>Justin Donnelly is the Town Attorney in Suffield CT. 

Patrick Fontane is Professor of Sociology at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis MO. >>Tom Flamer lives in Savannah GA. >>Jerry Fonzo graduated from UConn in 1963, and served in the Army in Germany after graduation. He lives in North Baldwin NY. >>George Frigon was the Town Engineer in Queenstown MD for many years, and is now with Newfields, an engineering consulting company in Annapolis MD. 

Gennaro Genua is a Zoning Commissioner in Waterbury, where he lives. >>Ed Grant was convicted on May 28, 2002, of the 1973 murder of Concetta "Penny" Serra in New Haven, and was sentenced in September 2002 to serve 20 years in prison. >>Mike Gureckas lives in Palos Verdes Estates CA, and is active in Paralyzed Veterans of America athletic events in southern California.

Donald Hassinger lives in Woodbury CT. >>Dr. Fred Heckler is Director of Plastic Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh PA. >>Harold Hurley is a corrections officer at the Southern Correctional Institution in North Carolina.

Dr. Nick Ieronimo had a dental practice in Waterbury which is now in Newington CT, and lives in Glastonbury CT. >>Vin Ippolito was a Guidance Counselor at South Plantation High School in Plantation FL prior to his death.

Bob Janatiss and his father owned and operated the Tower Grill on Freight Street in Waterbury until 1989. >>Tom Jokubaitis retired as Superintendent of Schools in Torrington CT in 2005, and is now with Educational Consulting Services. He lives in Prospect CT.

Craig Kirsch lived in Lighthouse Point FL for many years but is now living in Boca Raton FL. >>Attorney Robert Kolesnik is a partner at Kolesnik & Norris in Waterbury. >>Ray Kozen, formerly Vice-President of Special Projects at General Dynamics, joined the Windsor Group in Reston VA as a Managing Director of their aerospace/defense practice in 2002. >>John Kwasinskas ("Kwa The Earth Man") lives in Prospect CT.

Leon LaMadeleine is a Field Representative at the Ogden Utah office of the USDA Forest Service, and lives in Morgan UT. >>Tim Leece is a Juvenile Probation Officer and lives in Bristol CT. >>Larry Lindquist is Senior Vice President of Circulation at USA TODAY in McLean VA.

Ron Marciano was President of the Naugatuck (CT) Chamber of Commerce until his retirement in 2002. >>Robert Mastracchio, former Vice President of Research and Engineering at ExxonMobil Corp., was inducted into the University of Connecticut Academy of Distinguished Engineers in 2003. He lives in Mendham NJ, and plays saxaphone in the Chatham Community Band. >>Janice Melchino Paul (The Blonde) is on the Board of Directors of the Waterbury Youth Services System Inc. She lives in Middlebury CT and still cruises downtown Waterbury and The Green in her cool '59 Caddy. >>Frank Menotti is in charge of private client business and oversees the electronic distribution of products at UBS Financial Services Inc. >>Joe Merluzzi is Headmaster of the Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa FL.

Karen Moran Shanahan, a professional social worker and counselor, is the community service coordinator of the Marist School in Atlanta GA. She lives in Dunwoody GA. >>Marshall Morelli lived in Waterbury CT when he died. >>Ernest Mosley was Executive Director of the Office of Housing and Neighborhood Development in Waterbury, 1994 - 1996. He lives in Wolcott CT.

Bob Neagle was Senior Vice-President of Marketing & Business Development at AT&T Capital Corp in New Jersey in 1997. >>Charles Negaro (The MLTS) owns the Atticus Bookstore Cafe and Chabaso Bakery in New Haven CT. 

Anthony Palladino is founder and president of Palladin Precision Products in Waterbury. >>Stan Pechalonis is a UConn graduate and lives in San Anselmo CA. >>Brian Perkinson lives in Burke VA. >>Reeva Potoff earned a BFA degree from Pratt Institute and a MFA degree from Yale University.  She is a professional artist and Professor of Visual Arts at Columbia University in New York City and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. >>Ted Prosl lives in Beaumont TX


Harold Protter is Senior Vice President, Technology, The CW Television Network (formerly The WB Network). He lives in Thousand Oaks CA.


Asbury Reid lives in Somerset NJ. >>Elaine Reidy Schlefer served with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic from 1963 to 1965, and is the author of The Shortest Way Home. She retired as Head of the Preservation Department at the New York Academy of Medicine Library in New York City in 2003, and lives in Staten Island NY. >>Bob Rinaldi was a disk jockey on WWCO (Waterbury), WNAB (Bridgeport), and WDEE (Hamden) in the early 60s, and was also Assistant Director, Operations Division, of the CT Department of Revenue Services. He is now retired and lives in Simsbury CT.

Tom Salcito is a Guidance Counselor at Chaparral High School in Scottsdale AZ. >>Frank Saresky is active in Masonic activities in southern Ohio, and lives in (appropriately) Mason OH. >>Judy Schnaars and Pat DiDomizio (The Cheerleader and The Jock) were married in 1965. They live in Oxford CT.

Paul Scirpo was a policeman in Wolcott CT for 43 years and the Police Chief for 10 years. He resigned on 5/29/09, two months into the Mayor's investigation of the town's police department. Ironically, the investigation is headed by Attorney William St. John, who is also a class member. >>Joyce Shiel DeCesare is President of the Waterbury Youth Services System Inc. Her husband, John DeCesare, is Chairman of the Waterbury Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission. >>Elaine Simone Andreson lives in Watertown CT most of the year, and in Edgartown MA in the summer. >>Attorney William St. John is a partner in St. John, Scappini, Lombard & Stevens in Waterbury. He lives in Southbury CT >>Peter Stangl was Chairman and CEO of New York�s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) from 1991 to 1995, and retired as President of Bombardier Transit Corp. in New York in 2004. He was a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Connecticut in 1992. >>Andy Stollar lives in Exeter NH >>Ted Storlazzi is on the Planning & Zoning Commission in Wolcott CT, where he lives.

Joe Taglia lives in Westport CT. 

Don Vaitkus lives in Rocky Hill CT. 

G. Hall Walling is active in the Connecticut Rivers Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and lives in Waterbury. >>Jerome Wyant is the Associate Dean for Curriculum at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh NY.

Francis Zaccagnini was Worshipful Master of Liberty-Continental Lodge #76 of the Freemasons in Waterbury. He now lives in Ocala FL. Read his bio >>Dr. Henry Zackin was a Plastic Surgeon in New York City, but surrendered his license in 2005. >>Harry Zuella has worked for SBC/SNET for over thirty years. He lives in Oxford CT, was Chairman of the Board of Education there in 2004, and is an avid gardener. >>Eddi Zyko is a retired Army Reserve officer and an attorney in Middlebury CT.








Tom Feliciani was the first class member to pass away. He died in an accident a few months after graduation in 1959.

Deceased class members names and the year they died:

 NAME                                     YEAR

Clarence Albea                          2005

Anthony Argenta                        2010

Alphonse Avitabile                      2002


William Baldwin                         1992

Brenda Blanchard                      ????

Stephen Block                           1994

George Blower                           1999

David Brady                               2005

Ward Brandevein                        ????

Angela Brzeski Stanco               2011

Joseph Byrnes                           2000


Maureen Carroll (Knott)               2004

Richard Ciarlone                        1992

Louis Cicchetti                           2011

Donald Corti                              1989

Rosalind Crim                            ????

Stephen B. Curtis                      2005

Monica Czarzasty Clarkson        1997

Joseph Cutrali                            2006


Philip Del Gobbo Jr.                   2000

Donald Derouin                          2003

Armand Diana                            1983


Robert Fabiani                           1993


Joseph Galasso                         ????

Anthony Galletta                        2005

Bruce Guevin                             ????


Sandra Haddad Gyllenhammer    2005

Linda Hall                                  ????

Sally Harris (Simpson)                1992

David Hook                                1992


Vincent Ippolito                          2005


Harriet Jarcho Ledina                  2004


Julia Kalinowski (Nolan)(?)          2000

Craig Kirsch                              2010

Edward Kirschbaum                   1983


Frances Laone Fontane              1995

William Lauer                            1991


Judith Mackiewicz Gniazdowski  2005

Kathleen MacSweeney Derouin   1986

Nancy Mancini DeFeo                1998

Arnold Marchetti                        1999

Wayne Martin                            2012

Richard Mascoli                         1999

Louis Matijosaitis                       2001

Sean McCarthy                          2010

John McCarty                            1999

Julius Mendello                          2004

Barbara Mendyka Lockwood       1992

Marshall Morelli                         1996

Marguerite Murphy Androwski     1999


Sandra Officer                            ????


Ed Palmer                                 2004

John Pawelchak                         1999

Carol Peterson (Sherman)           2002

Edward Phelan                          2005

Carolyn Pfurr                             ????

David Pierpont                           2000


Robert Querim                           2010 


Marcia Randis                           1990

Edward Readel                          2000

David Ryan                                1989


Walter Scappini                         2005

Walter Shreder                          2004

Edmund Siemiatkowski              1970

Sandra Smith                            1983

Thomas Spagnoletti                   1986


James Thomas                          1997


Maureen Vile                             1985


Brinkley Wade                           ????

Hall Walling                               2011

If you know of any other classmates who have passed away, please let me know 



My expectation of an underwhelming volume of class member contributions is proving true. This page had been viewed  times since 3/9/05, and these are the only contributions I've received. The last contribution was posted on 4/28/09. A * after a name indicates that there is a recent photo on the class photos website.


From Acros Hyalumnus*: I may be biased, but I give 5 stars and 2 thumbs up to Waterbury American Graffiti. I particularly enjoyed the Arbor Day 1959 group photo taken in Hamilton Park contributed by Ed Walsh, mainly because I am in it.


I can’t wait to read the life profiles and Crosby memories of Anne Mancino Ascione, Ed Walsh, and Janice Melchino Paul (The Brains & The Blond), who did a great job of putting together the class reunion last year. I trust that they will send them soon, and serve as shining examples for other class members to send theirs too. I didn't bring my camera to the 2004 Class Reunion, so I hope that one of them will also put some reunion photos on the Crosby High Class of 1959 photos website for other class members to see.

As for me, I am a second generation Crosbyite. My father, who is also Acros B Hyalumnus, was in the Class of 1928. It’s not easy admitting in a crowd of people that you’re originally from Waterbury. People tend to give you that old, "My God, the poor guy" look without saying anything to your face, out of pity. Everybody knocks Waterbury. It has been called the armpit of Connecticut ... the noxiousness of the Naugatuck Valley ... the land where time stood still... the city where the crooked Irish politicians were eclipsed and replaced by the crooked Italian politicians. T. Frank "10 to 15" Hayes and Leary begot Joe Santopietro and Phil Giordano. The Waterbury Republican-American got a 1940 Pulitzer for graft stories which they still remind everybody of but did little else. The Brass City (Quid Aere Perennius) ran out of gas, brass and just about everything en masse. I feel like passing the hat with a sign, "Help a poor kid from Waterbury around the corner."


It’s tough being part of one of the three biggest lies in the world: 1. Money isn’t everything; 2. This won’t hurt at all, and 3.It doesn’t matter if you’re from Waterbury, God still loves you. Waterbury’s latitude is 42 degrees 30 minutes North, in line with Avigliano, Italy. It is between 215 and 965 feet above sea level and they don’t spend a lot of money on good snow plowing... God put it there - God will take it away eventually.

Robert Frost said, "Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in." This probably applies to one’s hometown also. I left Waterbury after working at Chase Brass & Copper for a couple of years, but travel back to there once or twice a year to visit my brothers Will B. and Leavenworth, and my sister-in-law Kath Ohlick Hyalumnus, but as the saying goes, "you can't go home again". CrosbyHigh1959@hotmail.com  

Roger Cote was in the Crosby High School Class of 1949. You can see his photos and memories of Crosby and life in Waterbury in the 1940s on his website.

From Bob Rinaldi*: "Thanks. What a great site and a nice surprise!!"  You can see what Bob and his family look like now on his websitew1cny@comcast.net  

From Anne Mancino Ascione* (one of The Brains): I have sent out the e-mail to the members of the class whose address I know (about 100 classmates). I hope they will enjoy your creation as much as I have. The music is perfect - bringing back some good memories. Thank you for the directions for putting photos on the class photos website. I would like to add some of the reunion photos to it, but I won't even try this until after school is over at the end of June.  annascione@aol.com

Ed Walsh* (The other Brain) is a man of few words: Twenty eight  years in Kodak research & development and now more than seven years retired. I prefer the latter but the former did provide some good times. ejwalsh150@aol.com

From Hank Datelle*: Great site, great idea!  I have been living in Atlanta Georgia for 35 years. I am currently the CEO of a very successful Health Care company called Cypress Care, providing pharmacy benefit management services to injured workers. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. My oldest daughter started Cypress Care. I stay in touch with several Crosbyites.

My fondest memories are from the YMCA socials. I loved dancing with Dolores Pomponio and Janice Melchino. I also long for the great Italian food and culture, Nardelli's grinders, and cruisin' The Green in my Dad’s '55 Chevy! Those were the days! hank@datelle.com 

From Lynne Andrews Ippolito: What a great job you are doing and an opportunity to keep in touch when you are living out of state. I loved the YMCA dances and the good old Handy Kitchen, our after school hangout.

I have been in Nursing for over 40 years, how time flies. I am living on the Intracoastal in Lighthouse Point FL. Lhpoint407@aol.com

From John Walzer: Thanks so much for all your hard work. It's a great site which brings back wonderful memories. As for myself, I spent 26 years with Sealy Mattress in Oakville, which was owned by my family and had been located in Waterbury until 1958. I retired in 1990 to the Tampa FL area and have been here ever since enjoying sun and fun. I hope many more classmates get the word and let us know how and where they are. JSW@webtv.net 

From Donald Seymon: My memories of  Crosby High - Jake Delaney and his Ides of March. Also, his ruler which he was not shy to use on his student’s knuckles. 


I retired from my men's clothing business in December 2001. After six weeks I decided I did not enjoy being retired so I took a part-time job with Enterprise Rent a Car. That turned into a full-time position at the South Florida Water District office, which I manage. It is a satellite office of the West Palm Beach airport office. Any classmates flying in to the West Palm airport please e-mail me in advance to that we can meet and reminisce. My e-mail address is thedonald8210@aol.com 

From Judy Elliot Graham: What a great site! It brings back wonderful memories of the good times we shared at Crosby. After spending many years as the Director of Graduate Services at a private computer school, I left and opened a Bed and Breakfast with my husband in Watertown CT. It was a rewarding experience, however I am now enjoying retirement and our four grandchildren.

Whoever you are, you're doing an excellent job with the site. You are to be commended for a job well done. Hopefully, someday you will reveal your real identity. The class of '59 is waiting!!! george.graham@sbcglobal.net   

From Pat DiDomizio* (The Jock) & Judy Schnaars DiDomizio* (The Cheerleader): We have been married for 40 years, and have a son in San Francisco and a daughter in NYC. Pat is retired from the federal government, but now does contract background investigations for the Feds. Judy is a retired teacher, having taught 27 years in Cheshire CT schools. We have enjoyed seeing everyone at our class reunions, and would love to hear from fellow classmates. JDidomizio@aol.com

From Dave FlemingSince Crosby, graduated from University of Maryland, worked at Miles Labs in West Haven, then moved to Cape Cod in 1976 where I have been ever since. Spent the last 29 years building houses but am about to call it quits and am looking forward to doing nothing. Have made all class reunions but the last so am a little out of touch. Look forward to seeing this website catch on. gpltd@comcast.net

From Kathleen Desmarais Perkins: Before I share any info with you regarding profile update I would like to know who you are and how this all came about. Prior to this I communicated with classmates that I know. Do I know you? Kathleen, Sun City AZ perky0506@msn.com

From Norm LaMadeleine*: (See Norm's profile on Graduates.comI really enjoyed the website. You're doing a great job.  NLamad4297@aol.com 

From Joyce Shiel DeCesare*: What a sensational job!!  Just another extension of the brilliance of such a great class. Very accurate info in your Briefs. 


I retired as Director of Guidance at Crosby in 1996. Walk the halls frequently at various venues. Lots of memories. I am presently in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sports Counselor in Middlebury CT, and have been the recipient of the UConn Alumni Teacher Award, the Waterbury “Shining Star” Award, and the Waterbury Neighborhood of Councils Community Service Award. (See more of Joyce's profile on Graduates.com)


Great pics and memories. Will forward to many of the Crosby graduates I come in contact with. Reunions are great. My husband is encouraging Anne Ascione to write a book on such an unusually bright class with many interesting professions and experiences. Our class was indeed special. Keep up this wonderful surprise. jjdc@snet.net


From Richard LaMadeleine: The website is absolutely fabulous. Thanks for all your hard work.


I’ve been living in Atlanta GA since 1988, the year in which I left the priesthood. I had been in England as a priest from ‘83-‘87 and in Atlanta from ‘80-‘83, and in various places in New England since ‘69, having studied in the seminaries of my religious order (LaSalette Missionaries) in Altamont, NY (outside of Albany), Bloomfield, CT. and Ipswich, MA (north shore of Boston) and in Rome, Italy for 5 years. A great-nephew and I just got back from Rome a couple of weeks ago. We went over for the Papal Conclave. It was absolutely fabulous! I am presently Spiritual Counselor at a drug/alcohol rehab facility (Talbott Recovery Campus) in Atlanta. lamadeleine@bellsouth.net 




As I noted in my Briefs, Richard's twin brother Leon LaMadeleine* is a Field Representative at the Ogden Utah office of the USDA Forest Service, and lives in Morgan UT forpath1@aol.com 


Angela Brzeski Stanco is a woman of no words. She has included only her e-mail address in her profile on Graduates.com She is married to Tony Stanco (Crosby Class of 1958) and lives in Prospect CT.


From Bob Neagle*: I discovered a link to your Crosby Class of 1959 website on another Waterbury site a few weeks ago when I was searching for websites with photos of the 1955 flood, but put off contacting you until I could see the 2004 Class Reunion photos on the class photos website. I don’t know who the hell you are, but you did a great job! I haven’t looked at my Yearbook in over 30 years (and have no idea where it is), so it was great to look at the old photos from it that you have on the site. Being able to see photos of the old (literally and figuratively) classmates at the 2004 Reunion is an added bonus. It’s hard to believe that all of us will be on Medicare in 2 or 3 years!


I’m sorry to see that business is slow on the Autographs page of the class website. When I last looked at it, you had over 600 page hits but less than 20 “contributions”. I noticed that even some of the “stars” of Waterbury American Graffiti contributed nothing (Janice Melchino and Charles Negaro), or very little (Ed Walsh and Anne Mancino) about their lives during the past 46 years, and have nothing on Graduates.com. Do you have the e-mail addresses of the class members who attended the 2004 Reunion? Have they been told about the website? I’m sure that you are disappointed in this “underwhelming” volume of responses (even though you anticipated it), so I decided it was time to send my “contribution” to you so you don't feel totally ignored.


You already have some info about me that you got on the internet in your Briefs, so here’s some additional info. I went to UConn after graduation, and was a disk jockey on WHUS, the UConn radio station.



I graduated from UConn and got married in 1964, spent 3 years in the Army in Germany as an Electronics Supply Officer, worked 25 years at Aetna L&C in Operations Analysis and Financial Analysis/Reporting, and retired in 1994. 


I hope that you get a lot more contributions from class members soon. I’ll be looking at the Autographs page frequently over the next few weeks to see if you do. Thanks for providing this opportunity for the Crosby High School Class of 1959 to reconnect again after 46 years.


From Anne Mancino Ascione: My favorite Crosby memory is giving the valedictory speech on tiptoe graduation night because someone forgot to put a stool for me to sit on. Since I graduated I’ve married and raised a family (1 boy and 2 girls), taught math at Sacred Heart High School, dropped out of teaching for a while to work in industry, banking, and retail, and finally returned to teaching. My current interests are my grandchildren, photography, and walking for exercise. I also enjoy working on class reunions. My Goals are to continue teaching until retirement and continue to be an active "senior citizen".


You asked for names of other classmates who are deceased. I have been keeping records of these for many years and I have attached my list. It is a sad reminder of so many special people. Many beautiful and gifted classmates are no longer with us. We mourn their passing.


From Ed Golden: This website is a great project and I thank whoever is responsible. I am sure it is a tremendous effort!


Robert Boland was my History Teacher and also a coach. He liked to throw chalk and erasers at his students. His tests always included a bonus question related to sports, such as "How many cleats are there in a track shoe". I wonder if he was the son of the Principal or Vice-Principal? There sure was a lot of nepotism when you look at that list of faculty.


I remember that Pat’s Restaurant on Chase Parkway was a major hangout for west-enders, before, during & after dates.


I moved to New York after graduation and rarely ever returned and only for a few days when I did. I was very disturbed at many of the changes time has brought to "our town"; my last visit was on 9/11/01 and ended abruptly for obvious reasons. This trip down memory lane brought tears to my eyes. How lucky we were to have had that time together!




I am now a retired hospital administrator, having lived & worked in New York City, up-state New York & Long Island. I now live in Inverness, Florida...thanks for the memories, friends! edwardgolden@tampabay.rr.com


From Joe Pagano: I retired in 2002 and am living in Mt View,CA. In retirement, I am a master composter, teaching composting to various community groups. The picture I have enclosed is me on the right, my wife Pat in the middle and her daughter Sarah on the left.



You have done a great job with the website. jsper3@comcast.net 

From Arlene Logan BlockAnne Renner Cohen , Judith Shapiro Farber and I just celebrated our extended friendship and 65th Birthdays together on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.


(Left to Right, Standing: Judy Shapiro Farber, Bob Nagel (not "our" Bob Neagle), Bill Fredricks. Seated: Jack Farber, Arlene Logan Block, Anne Renner Cohen. Arlene was married to class member Steve Block, who died in 1994)

Arlene and Anne also celebrated their retirement, Arlene as Recreational Director and Anne as a School Teacher. Arlene lives in Arizona, Anne in Las Vegas and Judy in Connecticut.

We appreciate the work you did putting this wonderful site together. Thanks so much.You have done an outstanding job and brought back many friendships, memories and kept us up on those we have lost contact with. ALB524@aol.com  

From Harold Protter: I have been Senior Vice President, Technology, The CW Television Network since September 2006. Before that, I worked as Senior Vice President, Distribution Development, The WB Television Network. I live in Thousand Oaks CA.  Hal.Protter@thewb.com 


From Peter Stangl*: Good job on the site. It was and is a great class. pestangl@aol.com


From Peter Murphy*: I certainly enjoy looking at your site. It brings back a lot of fond memories. I'm sure it took a lot to put it together and certainly is creative. I live in Prospect and work at The Hartford Insurance Co. in Hartford, although I'll probably retire this year (2007). Annette and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

From George Frigon: I am sitting around on a cold and drippy 30th of December surfing and I decided to Google my name.  Found this site about old Crosby.  It was really fun to find the site.  A few years ago I had a business in Northern Ireland and one of the employees turned up with my photo from the class yearbook. Now I know where he got it.  

The info you have on me is not quite right.  I work in water and wastewater treatment. My clients are primarily mulitinational corporations but I have a few municipal clients.  Queenstown, MD was a client. I worked for a firm called Dames & Moore for many years until it was acquired by URS, a large engineering/consulting firm. I left URS in 2002 to join NewFields, a much smaller consulting firm where I am a senior partner. Life is great and work is still fun so retirement is not on my to do list. My work takes me all over the US and Europe and an occasional trip to Asia and Brazil. I've never been to a reunion but I am planning to attend the next one. frigongeorge@gmail.com

From Jerry Wyant*: I’m still Associate Dean for Curriculum at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York. Crosby prepared me well for my career as professor and administrator and I am indebted to it for this. Since leaving Crosby, I studied and instructed courses at John Carroll University, Vanderbilt University and The University of Nebraska, where I earned a Ph.D. in English Literature.  


All the best, and thanks for all of your work on behalf of our class. wyant@msmc.edu

From Jerry Ginger: Excellent website. Graduated Uconn with degree in Geology. Spent 20 years in the Air Force, mainly in Electronic Warfare. Credited with 196 combat missions. Retired from the AF in 1984, then published a stock market newsletter for 15 years. Now living on Lake Tillery, near Charlotte, NC and enjoying our six grandchildren.

From Karen Moran Shanahan*: What an adventure down memory lane! The graffiti was hilarious! I`m still chuckling. This must have taken hours to gather all this information. How committed you have been to those `interesting` years, called high school.

I work on a daily basis with high school students so it is easy to remember the `good` and the `bad` as they share present day stories and adventures of their lives. Times certainly have changed!

Thank you for all you did to put this together. I enjoyed it…. But I`ll have to send you a `recent` picture. That one just doesn`t do it!!!  shanahak@marist.com

From Ted Prosl: For those that might remember me I am doing fine. I am thinking about retiring but dread the idea of doing little. My employment has allowed me to visit many European and South American countries. I think I would like to spend time in Spain, Norway and some areas in Mexico. TProsl@comcast.net 

From Pat DiDomizio*: On June 21, 2007, a group of  John Rinaldi's Crosby teammates got together for dinner at San Marino Restaurant to celebrate John's retirement. In attendance were Tony DelNegro, Bob Brady, Bob Janatiss, Bob Barone, Bill McCarthy ('58), Jerry Fitzpatrick ('58),  Art Petrucci (Wilby '60), Nick DelRosso, and Pat DiDomizio. A good time was had by all.

Here’s a photo that came into our hands of friends at Bob Janatiss's wedding in Nov. 1966.

Back row: Pat DiDomizio, Jim Chrochia, Bob Janatiss,  Dave Fleming, Bill Gilbert, Jim Fusco

Front row: Pete Morcey, Tom Place, Francis Guglielmo, Tom Jurgonis, Bill McCarthy


From Judy Schnaars DiDomizio: Please know that all charges regarding " The Prank", were dismissed. 
We all know that Bobby respects all members of the opposite sex, and would never intentionally do anything to cause harm.
I do not recall how Lenny made up for his behavior.  I do know that Bobby presented a bouquet of flowers to the injured parties, and sought ways to make up for his one careless act, to the girls and their parents.
He was remorseful, not because he got caught, but because he realized he did a thoughtless thing. Wild Bill Boland was very forgiving.
Now the record is straight.


From Karen Moran Shanahan: Things we did as teens, I think, should be left in the past.  None of us is perfect nor do we all do the right things all the time.  Hopefully we have learned from our mistakes and have become better people because of it. 


This article probably was passed on to us as  a reminder of `jokes` we played, things we thought were funny,  but as adults,  sharing this can be hurtful.


I work with teenagers every day and there are plenty of antics they do, but I also hear from the parents  who were `hurt` as high school students and the pain they still bear.  So I`m all for `positive` sharing and I enjoy updates about that!



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GROWING UP ITALIAN and AMERICAN in WATERBURY: A remarkable oral history by Sando Bologna and Richard Marano about growing up in Waterbury in the 1950s. Reflect on the humor, neighborhoods, pathos, hard work, patriotism, education, and sociability of the Brass City’s past and present.



Enjoy the memories of:
Andrew A. Sirica
Frank Petrillo
Mario Generali
Gaetano (Guy) Russo
John J. Damico
Anne Mancino Ascione
Janice Melchino Paul
Pasquale DiDomizio
Charles Negaro
Tony DelNegro

Bob Rinaldi
Dante Galuppo


Sando Bologna
Louis Orsini
Claire Tedesco
Helena Summa
William J. Summa
Victor Guerrera
Maria Guerrera
Dr. Carmine Paolino
Edward Giobbi
Louis Oliver
Peter Ciullo
Annie M. Barrie
Antonio E. Gugliotti

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