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This website is a compendium of my own theories, thoughts, findings, and personal insights discovered and developed from my own experience and life.  I originally built this website as a means of sharing my ideas and helping others to see the big picture.  This is my contribution to the human race.  Most of the ideas on this site didn't originate with myself but came from others.  I've simply connected the dots and compiled the data as best I can and I by no means have "figured it all out yet."  I'm just another seeker/wanderer that became aware of a hidden reality somewhere along the way.  

The universe began as an infinitely large area of space filled with a liquid-like substance some have called "The Aether".  Reality started out being completely static, still, and unchanging in nature, and had no begining or end in both linear time and space.  Then, out of no where something happened.  A vibration in the Aether arose, and this vibration caused two areas in the substance to change.  One area gained density/compression of the base substance, and another area lost some of its density and became less compact.  The two areas of displacement became the very first set of polarities to manifest in existence.  The vibration that birthed the polarities was spontaneous, unexpected, and mysterious.  The patterns below show how the polarities look.  These poles exist as a field of gradient potential, or what can be called two separate pressure zones in the isotropic background pressure of empty space.  (Sometimes called a torus or Bi-polar field/Torsion field)  With the appearance of this first original movement in the Aether came an explosion of new forms and movements.  This was the big bang talked about in science. 

(* The above two rainbow colored pictures came from Dan Winters website )


Here is the profile look.
 Here is the view when seen on end, so that
 both poles are overlapping each other, and appear as a
 single circle in the center of this pattern.

The orginal torus/torsion field consisted of two poles.  A negative pole and a positive pole.  The positive pole emits energy out of it, while the negative pole consumes energy into it.  Each pole forms a spiral of moving energy around it but moving in opposite directions.  In the very center of each spiral is a calm place where no spin at all exists, but near infinite 'vertical' movement is present.  This is the null zone or calm in the eye of the storm.  When seen on end, the two spirals overlap and form the pattern above, which is sometimes called a double standing wave lotus.  Energy spins into the negative pole in a spiral of contraction.  At some point spin speed reaches a maximum and then implodes into the center of the negative pole where it then travels to the very center of the positive pole, and eventually is pushed out of that position and begins to spin around the positive pole in an expanding spiral.  Both spirals are identical around each pole, except one pole pulls energy into it, and the other pole pushes energy out of it.

In the animation below, we see how vibration amazingly is able to create a bi-polar field in lycopodium powder (a perfectly spherically shaped spore).  The application of a specific vibration creates a bi-polar field.  (The video clip can be watched here too. )

If the experiment were recreated in a zero gravity environment, the powder would be able to form a perfectly 3 dimentional spherically shaped bi-polar field.  Instead of the "half bi-polar field" we see in the animation.  This 3D movement of powder, would perfectly illustrate in a very graphic and profound way, the exact nature and way in which the prime pattern and building block of reality, operates and behaves.


The picture above is yet another example of the universal pattern* of the polarities.  This phrase "Universal Pattern" is a term I came up with myself to describe the central base building block to all of material/physical reality.  Its something that is seen at all scales of reality, and operates just like a hologram does in a fractal manner.  

If you stir some water around in a glass, an indentation will form on the surface of the water.  The spining motion creates a low pressure zone in the middle of the glass, that sucks the surface level of the water down, to form an indentation like seen in the picture below.  Now if we imagine a hurricane, we notice that as the speed of rotation increases, the eye of the storm narrows and shrinks in size, and becomes more defined.  The faster the spinning motion, the lower the air pressure drops in the eye of a hurricane. 

A tornado causes the same effect, except its spin is so fast, that it begins to suck air up from the bottom of the vortex straight up to the very top of the vortex where the air is released and projected outward.  It sucks and consumes at the bottom (like a blackhole), and blows/radiates at the top (like a star). 



If we imagine a very powerful tornado, that is spining so fast that it is only a few feet in diameter, then we will have something that "almost" looks like a bi-polar field.  In outer space, when the ether substance is spun, it resembles a hurricane/tornado.  If the speed of rotation continues to increase, at some point the diameter of the vortex will reach an "infinitely" small point and then implode upon itself.  Once that occures,  the spiral changes and becomes a true bi-polar field.  Upon implosion, the vortex splits into a set of twin vortexes rotating in oposite directions.  One is entropic and sucks inward (a blackhole) and the other is centropic and radiates outward (a star). 


At the center of all galaxies is a great central sun that is one half of a bi-polar field.  The second half is a spiral rotating in the oposite direction and centers around a black hole.  All galaxies have a large central sun and a large black hole at their core.  The two exist relatively close together and form the backbone of the twin galactic arms that reach out from the core.  We only see the positive poles arms, due to radiant suns being caught up in those arms, but at the sametime there exists negative arms that remain unseen, and attract smaller black holes within them.  



The Universal Pattern


IN THE BEGINNING, after the universal pattern emerged, there evolved a progression of sorts.  There were stages of unfoldment as the universe began to expand and grow.  In much the same way that an organism first begins to grow with a single cell, the universe began and evolved in a similar manner. 

Stage 1

Stage 1 crop circles, all deal with various relationships and details of a simple bi-polar field/Torsion field.  

Stage 2

In the second stage of unfoldment, the universal pattern found a way to duplicate itself 4 times to create the pattern in the picture to the right.  It looks like a cube made up of 4 universal patterns/Torsion fields all stuck together.  It can also look like two interlocking, four sided triangular pyramids to form 8 poles,  (4 positive and 4 negative) and has a certain frequency due to the distance between poles and harmonic resonance of vibration inherant to this geometric shape.  It is sometimes called a "star tetrahedron."

* Etheric poles of negative and positive displacement, self organize into formations and sacred geometry is inherently linked to this process.

In Cymatics, the study of vibration in liquid, certain frequencies create specific patterns in water and other liquids.  Each geometric shape corresponds to a set frequency and can be created by applying that vibration to a liquid.

The picture to the right is of a star tetrahedron in a liquid.  The entire formation can be created as a whole just by applying a certain vibration of sound.

Stage 4

Stage 1 involves a single set of polarities.  Two poles exist in Stage 1.  In Stage 2, eight poles exist in total.  In Stage 3, sixty four poles exist, and finally in Stage 4, five hundred and twelve poles exist.  The picture directly above is a stage 4 formation of 512 poles or 256 separate universal patterns.  One can see that a larger spherical pattern emerges and comes as a result of the combined 512 poles. 

We have the beginnings here of an organized structure that operates together as a single entity in unity.  It is a coherent creation, that is the underlying matrix and basis upon which all life derives from.

The original set of polarities found a way to duplicate themselves, like a cell dividing and making copies of itself.  Over time the polarities multiplied and began creating something much larger that exhibited unique features of its own, that could only have developed with greater numbers of the universal pattern.  This progression and expansion and increasing complexity is something that is still going on.  This is why the universe is expanding.  The process continues to this day, with no end in sight.

The animation I made below shows this evolution, up to a certain point.

Evolution of the Universal Pattern


There have been a great number of stages of unfoldment as the universe first began.  The source that creates the crop circles has not given the full story yet, so only a partial history of our own genesis can be given at this time. 

Here is a picture that shows just how 'Magnetism' and 'Life' are connected ~ the picture was made with iron filings and a magnet.

Vibration creates the universal pattern.  In the beginning, two distinct and very separate kinds of vibrations arose from within the Ether.  A spherically shaped wave, and a cubicly shaped wave emerged.  When they interact by moving past each other, the universal pattern is born.  This is how the first universal pattern/Torsion field manifested.

The picture on the right shows a wave form travelling over a series of circular "ripples".  The parabolas come as a result of this interaction.


~~~ Every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous fluid filling all of space, merely by a spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement, this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter. Its movement arrested, the primary substance reverts to its normal (still) state. ~~~  Nikola Tesla


It may be that the crop circles are a 'firing mechanism' that stimulates and recreates DNA programs by engaging the patterns of genetic instruction directly.  Consciousness itself is based upon genetic programs in our DNA.  Altering Consciousness in the right way, might create certain waveforms and template-like webs of intelligently focused energy that can have an effect on our DNA.  It has been said that negative aspects of creation changed the Human races DNA long ago.  They destroyed the higher circuits of the genetic systems and brought us down to a more primitive way of existing.  What the crop circle patterns may be doing, is recreating and regrowing our genetic circuitry.  A kind of accelerated centropy based growth cycle spurded on by cognative transformations and new ways of thinking involving the holistic perceptions of advanced mathematics in general.  The glyph below may be illuding to this.

The glyph below shows possibly how DNA is infact a sequence of set forms (squares) that are nested and aligned in a standing wave.  DNA is a blueprint of a static form, of sorts.

When a long magnet is curved around so that its positive pole and negative pole touch each other to form a ring, the poles disolve. There is no longer a centralized negative and positive pole in single localized areas.

So what happens?

It would seem that the ether substance spins in a ring, but the ring itself is also spining, so there are two spins occuring. Two sets of inertial are in place and they just so happen to perfectly balance each other, to form a stable movement of energy that is very much like a standing wave. Its in motion but holding steady in one spot due to the equaling nature of two sets of spin.  The centrifical force of the spining ring is fed around on itself in a second spining movement of the ring itself.  This is how centrifical force can be countered to stop the expansion from disipating its energy.


Interesting connection between cymatics and this glyph. 

A facinating animation to the right, which is very close to my own theories and what the crop circles are telling us. This animation comes from this site here.

The video below shows how a magnetic field creates a lotus flower pattern which comes as a result of two vortexes of ether, spinning in opposite directions.  They create standing waves in the gold mean spiral.  The same spiral that can be seen when you stir some water in a glass.  Imagine two glasses of water spinning in opposite directions, and then stacked on top of each other.  They would create a lotus pattern like seen in the video below.  You can see all of this users videos here.

The video below called Etheric Magnetic Vortex also shows how a magnet contains a hidden set of vortexes in it.  All of my youtube videos can be seen here.  The video below that is called Double Etheric Magnetic Vortexes was created by someone else but shows very well how two vortexes spinning in opposite directions exist in a single magnet.

Etheric Magnetic Vortex

Double Etheric Magnetic Vortexs

Here is a simple picture I drew of the universal pattern.  This is merely an artists conception of the real thing, but it shows more or less the basic principles.  I plan to draw a far more detailed picture in time which will be more accurate.  The real deal has a second vortex that spins in the opposite direction of the first. 

To the right is a picture taken by youtube user Sir Zerp.  It shows very nicely the lotus pattern of a magnetic field.


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