Cheering for the Art of Crochet

Textured Child's Spiral Hat

Copyright © 2002, 2003  by Dee Stanziano
All Rights Reserved

Materials Needed:
Two colors worsted weight yarn
Size "G" or "H" Hook (dependent upon your tension)
Tapestry Needle
One piece of 5" yarn of a different color for marking rounds

Round 1:  Chain 2; going into the back hump of the first chain, crochet one single crochet, one half-double, and 10 double crochet stitches.  This will create a circle consisting of 12 total stitches.  Place the 5" yarn against last stitch made; this will help you identify your rows.

Round 2: In each stitch of round one make two double crochet stitches.  This is called increasing.  When you come to your marker on the previous row you should have 24 stitches.  Move your marker up to the last stitch you created on in this round.

Round 3: Continue to increase -- this time you will alternate between making one double crochet in the previous round, to making two double crochet stitches.  This will yield 36 stitches; move your marker.  (note that each round is increasing by 12 stitches)

Round 4:  Continue to increase -- make one double crochet, move to next stitch and make another double crochet, and in the next stitch make the increase by creating your two double crochets.  Continue this around until you have 48 stitches.  Move your marker.

Round 5:  Again, continue increasing -- in the next three stitches, make one double crochet in each, then in the fourth stitch make two double crochets.  This will give you 60 stitches when you reach your marker. 

** For a toddler hat skip row 6 and go onto Row 7.**

Round 6:  Another row of increasing --  in the next four stitches, make one double crochet in each, then in the fifth stitch make two double crochets.  This will give you 72 stitches when you reach your marker.

** For an adult hat, continue the increasing method for another three rounds. This means that you'd need Round 7's increase stitch to occur after every five stitches, Round 8's increase after every six stitches, and Round 9's increase after every seven stitches.  You will still need to do the nine rounds as described below (Round 7-15) but do an extra 2 or 3 rounds to ensure you have the walls of your hat long enough. **

Round 7-15:  No more increasing is needed.  Crochet one double crochet in each stitch.  Each time you come around to your marker your should have 72 stitches.

Round 16:  End off with first color, joining 2nd color.  Single crochet around; 72 stitches.

Round 17:  Change to half-double crochet stitch and continue going around to marker; 72 stitches.

Round 18 & 19: Repeat Rounds 16 and 17 once.

Round 20:  Repeat Round 16 once.

Round 21:  (making the trim) Ch 1, turn hat inside out; for less pronunciation, create the reverse single crochet stitch around.  For more pronunciation, create the reverse half-double crochet stitch around.  End off.

Adding the Texture:
Join second color to same point where you had previously ended off. Going around the double crochet posts, create a semi-loose slip stitch -- continue going around & around & around until you are at the top of your hat. End off.

With tapestry needle, secure all loose ends.


1.  Use some really pretty sparkle yarn, eye lash yarn, or "fun fur" to add more interest.
2. Incorporate beads into the surface crochet by prestringing them onto the yarn prior to starting.
3. Add some crocheted flowers and leaves to one side.  Or try a variation of crocheted snowflakes...or other motifs.
4. Add a tassel -- even beaded, to the very top of the hat. (I think a pom pom might be too large and would cover the spiral/swirl look, but you can try it.)

Braided Tassel:
To Make:  With six strands of yarn, loop through the middle of your hat as you would a tassel.  Separate into three sections and tightly braid. Thread beads on and secure. Trim end of braid to even out.


Projects & Comments from people Who have tried it:

Lisa, A single Mom of 2 in NY who loves to crochet emailed me on 01/04/03 and said, "Thanks!! It was quick and easy and comes out great!!!  My daughter loved wearing it out in the snow today!!! I plan to make several more of these for friends this winter and to my list of gifts for next winter as well." 

Ruth A. from CT said, "Dee, this is one of my favorite patterns you designed! I love experimenting with it!
Now I'm designing my own Textured Scarf based on your Textured Spiral Hat. Thanks!"

Tiffany, a new crocheter, reports that her "... daughter loves it, and [she's] very happy with it."  Tiffany learned how to crochet "in the round" using this pattern.

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