Crochet For Kicks

An Online Magazine for Crocheters by Crocheters

Welcome to Crochet For Kicks

     Crochet for Kicks is an online magazine that was created for Crocheters by Crocheters. The magazine will have articles, tips, patterns and interviews with designers and regular people plus many more exclusive non magazine material to come. The magazine will be published three times a year in the Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter. (Please note that these are Northern Hemisphere times. Although in each issue there is a plan to offer at least one pattern that is weather related for crocheters who live in the Southern Hemispehere).

Up coming Issues and when they are coming out.

Fall/Winter 08/09 1.1- September (We are currently taking and accepting submissions for this issue)


Picture is  of single and triple crochet using a H (5mm) hook with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. Crocheted and Photo taken by Rachel Levine.