Cedar Ridge Farm

Children's Horseback Riding Lessons In Greenville, IN

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Horse Sports - The ultimate team sport! When done well horse & rider become one...



Then it becomes pure joy!


Cedar Ridge Farm is a family owned and operated facility that has been in business for 16 years. We believe children should be taught to have some compassion for the horse they are riding so we also include horse management skills to be taught to lesson students besides their mounted riding lessons. We have the experience to teach youth at their level in both english or western disciplines! Our lesson horses & ponies are the best, bar none, and our lesson students advance more quickly in their riding skills here because over the years we have been teaching children we have been able to tweek and refine our program to the success it is today! We have indoor and outdoor arenas for all weather riding.

For more information on our riding lessons please refer to our Riding Lessons page on this site.

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