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Address:    Earle Street,  Crewe,  Cheshire.

Track details:    Shale,  approx 430 yards (396.9 metres)  1976 - 1993.

Race days:    Saturday Evenings,  Bank Holiday Monday Afternoons.


Crewe Alexandra Athletic Ground as it was then known was built during the latter part of the 1800's by the LMR Railway Company on land which was surplus following the completion of the Crewe Railway Station, it was then handed over to the people of the rapidly growing town as a leisure facility.

Cricket, Athletics, Cycling, Tennis, Bowls and Dirt Track (Speedway) all took place and Crewe Alexandra Football Club are also believed to have played some of their early games at the venue before the Gresty Road stadium was completed.

In 1969 League Speedway was introduced to the massive 470 yards (433.8 metres) banked oval, the team nicknamed the 'Kings' racing on the biggest track in the country.  On Monday 27th March 1970 Crewe rider Barry Meeks put the town into the Guinness Book of Records by recording the fastest speed on a British Speedway track of 54.62 m.p.h.  During the closed season of 1970/71 the track was shortened by 40 yards (36.9 metres).  The biggest success came in 1972 when the team won the British League Division Two and Knock Out Cup trophies.

Mick Smith, the old Trackstar promoter became the first to introduce Stock Car racing, the opening meeting took place on Monday 31st May 1976 and featured Stock Cars (Mod Stox), Hot Rods and Bangers.  The sport successfully continued for a further 17 years in the hands of Mick Farley, Mike Parker, Jim Barrie and finally Jim Wilkinson, until the close of the 1993 season when the bulldozers moved in, the final meeting taking place on Saturday 11th December.  The Grand Junction Retail Park now occupies the area.



Address:    Loomer Road,  Chesterton,  Newcastle - under - Lyme,  Staffordshire.

Track details:    Shale (Tarmac in 1974),  approx 385 yards (355.3 metres)  1973 - 1977,  312 metres 1991 onwards.

Race days:    Saturday Afternoons & Evenings,  Sunday Afternoons,  Monday Afternoon.


Motor sport returned to the Potteries in 1973 at a brand new 200,000 stadium, built on former coal mining land at Chesterton, for the first time in a decade following the closure of the old Sun Street stadium in Hanley.

Mike Parker was the first to promote the four wheeled sport at the venue, the opening meeting was held on Sunday 8th April and featured BriSCA F1 Stock Cars racing for the Kings of Crash trophy.  The closed season saw Hednesford Raceway promoter Bill Morris move in and tarmac the surface, but after only a few meetings pulled out of the venture.  Local drivers Mal Grayson and Frank Johnson, along with stadium owner Russ Bragg quickly formed the Supa Krashas Driving Club, demand was so great that over 200, mainly local drivers took out licences!  1975 saw Mick Smith's Trackstar promotion take over, with Greyhound racing also introduced on the inside of the track which had now reverted back to shale.  Mike Parker then returned for a season, with local Hot Rod driver Alan White stepping in for the 1977 season. 

There then followed a 14 year gap, until Dave Mason, who had been involved with both tracks since the Trackstar days, resurrected the sport on the now smaller circuit, a succession of promoters, including former BriSCA F1 World Champion Stuart Smith followed, until the final meeting took place in 2002.  The Stoke Potters Speedway team continue to race at the venue. 

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