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It's me !!!!!

This picture was taken some years ago. From left to right : Anita, me, my wife Sonia, and Aurora. Where is Aurora ? She's the last person on the right,.......inside Sonia.
On the background, there's a part of my cans collection

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I collect Coca-Cola cans, but i have a lot of Coca-Cola items, bottles, etc, to swap. I also have hundreds of pepsi, sprite, fanta, soda, cola , beer cans to trade. your lists, pictures, links welcome, of course !!!

Coca-Cola Trading Gallery

Here you may see many pictures of cans i have available for trading. If you don't know any of my cans, don't hesitate asking me for more informations. I like to trade on a 1:1 basis only cans with the same value.If you find cans of your interest, pls let me know, sending me your trading list, i'll be happy to send you a proposal of trade. I would be really interested in regular trades of all the new issues of cans of our own countries.


Don't forget to drop some lines on my Guestbook ! And pls leave me your link or e-mail address.

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sorry having annoyed you all with this song (cover of Beatles' "Fixin'a hole"), which was recorded live by my group with the microphone of a videocamera during a studio session. You are kindly invited to stop it by clicking the II button below !!