All Aboard The Crazy Deck

An Unofficial "Bus Life" Fansite

Hello To All Bus Life Lovers!

This is the non-official fansite you've been waiting for ... basically all the info that I can sum up on the award winning Disney Channel TV show "Bus Life!" If you haven't heard of "Bus Life," it was a 6 minute show that took place on the top deck of the bus, about four high school pupils dealing with the melodrmatic, turbulent situations on the bus. There were also stereotypical groups such as the Goths, Skaters and Brainy Kids, which also stirred much more drama into the situations as they all had different ideas how to handle the situations! The show was nominated BAFTAs and won a Grand Award for Children's Television the gold medal for Children's drama at the New York Television Festvial (in 2005). For those who are interested in the show or love and miss it, this websites for you.

Features On This Page

There will be several features on this page - info on the characters and actors, trivia, gallery, fanfiction, and if not, possibly fanart, if you'd kindly send it in. One thing I will note is that if things take up too much time, don't fret - I've only just started this website, so keep hold of your patience - and I hope you enjoy what I have on this page. :)

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