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            Carl and Leppy's Cretacious Calypso Song (Sorry, Wrong Era)

[Upbeat music starts to play]

Carl: Okay. On a downbeat.

[singing] Now, when I first came to the Cretacious Era,

I experienced fright and terror.

But then I found a friend, who helped me to survive

His blood is warm; his young are born alive!

Hey-oh. Hey, hey, hey, hey hey-Oh! Hey-oh--


Jimmy: Carl!

*Submitted by Pigquet3*

                       Carl's First Spy Song (Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion)

Jimmy Neutron, he's a spy

He's a kid, and his hair is really high

He's got a friend named Carl, who's really cool

And, a friend named Sheen, who was held back in school!!!!!!!!!

*Submitted by Pigquet3*

                         Donut Boy Theme Song (Lights, Camera, Danger!)


Who's the super-cool cop, that always gets the bad guys?

Donut Boy!

That's me. Yeah.

He brings a delicious assortment of sweet delights!

Donut Boy!

Got a creamy fillin'.

                                   The Duck Song (Make


When you're down an' outta luck

Nothin' beats dancin' like a duck!

Here's how ya do it;

Let's get to it!

Ya bend your elbows a bit,

Hook your thumb in your armpit!

Flap your wings up and down,

And then you quack all around!

Just a-waddle to the left,

And a-waddle to the right!

Make a sound like a duck,

And then you quack with all o' your might!

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack,

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quackity-quack,

(Continued quacking...)

I love my mommy!

Quack, quack, quack, quack!


                  "Ducks: The Musical " Theme Song (Party at Neutron's)

When you're a duck,

You're a duck all the way

From the first time you quack,

To the last egg you lay.

When you're a duck you live in a blind.

Little or long smelling orange, fresh melon rind.


The Musical!

*Submitted by Pigquet3*

                                 Funky Jam Dance Party (Broadcast

Do you wanna be my lab partner?
Do you wanna mix some chemicals?
Oh, yeah.
I'll be your test tube, baby
At the Funky Jam Dance Party...

We're gonna fill our beakers
With sulfuric funk
Libby: Oh-oh-oh-ooh
All: Test me with your litmus paper
At the Funky Jam Dance Party!

*Submitted by Pigquet*

                                     Go Jimmy

Go, Jimmy, Jimmy
That's the voice I hear inside
Everybody, let's bounce
It's Jimmy Neutron time


Go, Jimmy, Jimmy
That's the voice I hear inside
Everybody let's bounce
Straighten up for the ride

Go Jimmy, Jimmy
To the rescue in the big, blue sky
Be back before I leave
It's Jimmy Neutron time

*Submitted by Pigquet*

                    The Most Dominant Life Form (Win, Lose, and Kaboom!)

There they are: the dominant life forms!

There they are, highly evolved!

The dreams of a million species that are smarter than granite,

Can come true on some beautiful planet,

If they live to be--

The most dominant life form of a-a-aaaall!

                                     On Chris


Ms. Fowl [Brawk]: There's a glow by the fire,

As I sit and perspire

I'm cozy and snug;

I sip from my mug,

Basking in the warmth...On Christmas Daaay! [brawks]

 Cindy and Libby together: We get gifts from relationships

And checks in big denominations.

Cindy: Laps have send things.

Libby: Gadgets that ping. [ping]

Both: Basking in the warmth of Christmas day. 

Jimmy: These feelings that you speak of are subjective. All I want it something that is real.

Carl: Christmas joy should be your one objective!

Sheen: Last summer I was bitten by an eel.

All other kids: What?!


Sam: Kids eat treats in profusion.

They need treats for their choosin'.


Officer Tubs: The punks sprayin' walls.

Other Police officer: Their hearts all aglow.

Both: Basking in the warmth...of Christmas Day!


Jimmy: Your answer's more elusive than it should be.

I run into this problem everytime.

How could a man that fat fit down a chimney?

How could he survive the arctic clim.?

[Christmas-themed music]

All: Happiness is the reason we delight in the season.

Science is fine. But don't waste our time!

We're basking in the warmth...

Jimmy: I can't concur.

All: Basking in the warmth...

Jimmy: But where's your proof?!

All: Basking in the warmth...of Christmas Daaaaaaaaay!

Ms.Fowl: Daaaaaaaayy!! [Brawks]

*Submitted by Pigquet*

                                    Save the Day (



Libby: Come on, boys, we gotta stop that ghost.

And save the day!

Cindy: Halt the alien invasion or we'll be toast.

And save the day!

Sheen: Destroy the sinkhole forming lava before the cyborgs march!

Carl: Get rid of the mummies; save the seven dwarfs!

Libby and Cindy: Win the big fight at the coliseum;

Put the dead guys back in the mausoleum!

Jimmy: Blow up the shark and find the ark!

All: And save...the...da-ay!

Sheen: Ya-cha-cha-cha!

                             The Spy Guy! (Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion)

He's a spy guy.

He's a spy with brains and brawn--

Shall I go on?

He's a spy-ay guy.

His gadgets are better than Bond's.

Oh, and how about this song?

The spy guy.

There's no spy with so much style;

And no girl can resist his smile.

She just knows that for sure, when she kisses this guy,

Her heart belongs to the spy.

He's the spy, ay-ay guy. Oh, yeah.

A sly spy guy.

He's the spy [stretched out] guy.

*Submitted by Pigquet3*

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