Christ Prince of Peace TWB

Shop where you want, but pay with our cards and school makes money!!

               Welcome to the TWB program!

     And welcome to our website!  Please check back here often.  Hopefully with this site we can answer all of your questions and keep you updated on the program. 

     To the left you can find helpful links.  You can print up an order form (we even have one that will total your order for you) and you can check what dates we will be filling orders and when Dress Out Days will be.  Of course you can also find how to contact us if you have questions or a problem.

                         News and Notes

New Gift Cards Available

Brooks Brothers ($25), Fandango ($25), J.Crew ($25)

Wish Lists 

Updated Wish lists are now available! 

Dress Out Days

 The amount of $150 required for Dress Out Day participation remains the same this year.  You will be notified via "Updates" when the last week of the cycle is - and you can always check the calendar here on our website.

Staying Green

Once again this year notifications for those families that are eligible for Dress Out Day will be here, on the TWB website.  In order to save paper, the traditional notes will no longer be sent home.  To see if your family qualifies simply go to the Dress Out Day link and see if your name is listed.  You will also find the guidelines for what is appropriate dress on the top of that page.

If you have any questions please contact Elena Saur at Thank you!


          Gift Card Image - Style: Barnes & Noble     ACCORDIAN CARD FILE NOW AVAILABLE FOR $3.00


                               Holiday Gift Card Wrappers

These wrappers offer an easy way to "dress up" a card that you are giving as a gift. They are available in the designs shown below.  They come in packages of 10 for the cost of $2.00, and school makes 10% on each sale.

                             Big Donors

Some of our vendors give double-digit percentages.  Please consider purchasing:


  • Pretzel Boys (20%)
  • Bath & Body Works (13%)
  • Brooks Brothers (16%)
  • Cabela's (11%)
  • Cha Boutique (10%)
  • Macy's (10%)
  • Nike (12%)
  • Under Armour (11%)
  • Chipotle (10%)