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     Hi there, and welcome to my ranch tales and trails! You'll find a little about what I enjoy doing, riding in the high sierras with my Reg. Quarter Horse mare, "Josie Little Miss Leo", and the best darned cowhorse around to boot! Speaking of cowhorses, I also have included a little about our cattle ranch. That's right! A real live working cattle ranch. Nothing fancy, alot of dirt, sweat and tears! My husband, son and I raise Angus-Angus cross cattle, and are receiving alot of high percentage Angus with our younger heifer herd coming up. 

     Josie and I are also enrolled in three horseback riding programs, in which you log up and accumulate hours that you ride in the saddle. We belong to the American Quarter Horse Assoc. program, as well as the American Trail Horse Assoc. and the California State Horsemens Assoc. TRAP program. You receive honors as well as award for riding certain hours. In the AQHA on her registration papers she is honored as "Open Horseback Riding Achiever" and we have received gift certificates for tack, clothing, monogrammed halters with the hours,mileage patches and with my higher hours silver and gold bars for our breastcollar. We have or I should say "Josie" has rode up to well over 2,350 hours. In the American Trail Horse Assoc. (ATHA) program (which logs miles you ride and not hours) we have 2,013 miles logged, also Josie has accomplished their 7 Stamps of Excellence Program which is a program to video tape your trail horse doing things that trail horses should do and receive honors for them.  Long hours are spent in the mountains, my most favorite place in the world, and thank my husband for introducing them to me!

     So sit back in the saddle and enjoy the ride! 


"Josie Little Miss Leo" Registered with the AQHA, FQHR and the NFQHA



"Always drink upstream from the herd...."


Please always check back often as I am always adding pictures to my site, I will be updating throughout the winter at least every three months, depending on my rides and the weather!



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Questions or want information on some of the places I ride, give me a hollar!

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                                                   Awards my site has won!

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The "Rescue Award" was awarded to my site, for the TLC of our older mare, the Palamino, "Babe." She will be 32 next April, and is still going strong to this day! Thanks to "Blackie" for giving this award to me for my great care for "Babe"!


"Babers" went on to the greener pastures where she will forever be young and never feel pain and always be round and plump, on June 14, 2007, at the age of 33 years. It was a very sad day and she will forever be remembered in our family. Thank you "Babe" for coming into our lives!

If you have a horse or have rescued one and think your site may apply for the "Blackie Award" click on my award to apply.




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