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Welcome to! ^-^

  Featured Costume :

To give you a little information about this site; CosplayAngel is here to show you various costumes (mostly from Japanese origin). Just a little harmless fun from some crazy Otaku's.

If you enjoy what you see please go to our site's APPAREL STORE and help keep us open!

What is Cosplay? Cosplay is a Japanese fan term for Costume Play. While Cosplay refers mainly to dressing as a character from a japanese anime, manga or video game, it also applies to all other "dress up" including Halloween!

Need help or have a question/comment? We're always open to a constructive comment. If so please email me or leave a message in the forum. Viewer's comments will help make this site better. Thanks ^-^

About CosplayAngel *chibi ego trip.* I grew up to 245 lbs by the seventh grade, and dropped down to 130 lbs in 1999. I have starred, co-starred, and made walk on appearances in dozens of theatrical preformances. I have wall after wall of award winning paintings, outfits *costumes*, sculptures, and photographs. I also have awards and certificates of honor for outstanding creativity in writting short stories and poetry. And to top it off I recieved the Presidential Award for Accedemic Achievement. My hair colors from 2001-2003 went from light brown to red to sherbert to orange to honey blonde to platinum blonde with a heavey tan to pink to fire red to black to deep red with white roots*!* to dark blonde to dark brown and back to light brown, that's when I discovered the joy of wigs! Then I got married, had a son, and got fat again. So drama queen doesn't being to cover it!

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