Codename: Cornucopia

A wolf3d mod/TC - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!
Welcome to the official site of the upcoming mod/tc "Codename Cornucopia"  Here I will provide news, sneak peeks, and screenshots of this mod/TC for wolf3d.  I am just starting this website, as most of my time has been devoted to the actual mod itself, so, bear with me.

Update: Sorry for the lack of news, it doesnt mean that I'm not working on this mod, on the contrary, I've been making lotsa progress on it.  I have been learning some new programs for making this mod, which will improve both the graphics and its gameplay.   The mod will now be available in 2 flavors: The original wolf3d-based one, and a new one, using a completely different engine, and it will be standalone!!

You are welcomed to join my other site, a forum dedicated to modding and editing the great rott game(rise of the triad)
it's at

I'm making lots of progress to my mod, I hope to be able to release it soon!

The mod now has a page on moddb!!

Any comments, suggestions, etc email me at


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