Welcome to the Conscious Eating / Conscious Living information page. Here you will find a collection of information for those needing help with binge eating, overeating, food and weight obsession, living a conscious, mindful life, and everything in between!

Geneen Roth's Eating Guidelines

1. Eat when you are hungry. (Truly hungry, body hungry not mind hungry)

2. Eat sitting down in a calm environment. This does not include the car.

3.Eat without distractions. Distractions include radio, television, newspaper, books, intense or anxiety producing conversation and music.

4. Eat only what your body wants. (Big difference from what your MIND wants!)

5. Eat until you are satisfied. (This is different than full).

6. Eat (with the intention of being) in full view of others.

7. Eat with enjoyment, gusto and pleasure.

Affirmations for Compulsive Overeaters

1. My worth as a person is not diminished in any way by my body size or my eating patterns.

2. I will love myself no matter what my eating patterns are.

3. I will judge my days not by what or how much I eat, but by the accomplishments I have made and the love I have given.

4. My life is a gift, and I will not let my enjoyment of it be diminished by feeling guilty over my body size or how much I eat.

5. I am finished blaming others, situations, and myself for the way I eat. I will take action minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day until I can eat normally again.

6. Compulsive overeating is a temporary condition in my life.

7. There is a normal eater within me. I will let her/him take over my life more and more each day as I am ready.

8. I can imagine a life without being a compulsive overeater.

9. When I feel stressed, I will close my eyes and picture how my all-powerful, normal eater would handle the situation.

10. I believe I will be a normal eater again. I know I will be a normal eater again!

Source: The Fat Fairy Godmother

Conscious Eating books

* indicates favorites

Breaking Free from EmotionalEating*
by Geneen Roth

When Food is Love*
by Geneen Roth

Diets Donít Work*
by Dr. Bob Schwartz, Ph.D.

Intuitive Eating*
by Evelyn Tribole, Elyse Resch

The Rules of Normal Eating*
by Karen Koenig

Eating in the Light of the Moon*
by Anita Johnston

It's Not About Food: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, End Your Obsession with Food and Weight*
by Carol Emery Normandi & Laurelee Roark

The Overfed Head*
by Rob Stevens

Overcoming Overeating
by Jane R. Hirschmann, Carol Munter

When Women Stop Hating their Bodies
by Jane R. Hirschmann, Carol Munter

Hot & Heavy: Finding Your Soul Through Food and Sex
by Judi Hollis, Ph.D.

Everything I Eat Makes Me Thin
by Richard Carlson

Fed Up! The Breakthrough 10 Step No-Diet Fitness Plan
by Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, M.D.

How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More
by Jean Antonello

The Solution: For Safe, Healthy, and Permanent Weight Loss
by Laurel Mellin, M.A., R.D.

Think Yourself Thin: Change Your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss
by Darcy D. Buehler

What Are You Hungry For? (subtitled Women, Food, and Spirituality)
by Lynn Ginsburg and Mary Taylor

The Seven Secrets of Slim People
by Vikki Hansen and Shawn Goodman

Why Women Need Chocolate
by Debra Waterhouse

Love Yourself Thin
by Victoria Moran

Think Yourself Thin
by Debbie Johnson

Feel Good Naked: 10 No-Diet Secrets to a Fabulous Body
by Laure Redmond

The Fat Fallacy: The French Diet Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss *
by Will Clower

Superfoods: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life
by Steven G. Pratt & Kathy Matthews

The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle

Hunger Scale

10. Stuffed to the point of feeling sick

9. Very uncomfortably full, clothes really tight

8. Uncomfortably full, stuffed

7. Very full, feel you have overeaten

6. Comfortably full, satisfied

5. Comfortable, neither hungry or full

4. Beginning signals of hunger

    Hunger urge comes every 2-5 minutes for just a moment. Try to go back to what you were doing, it may go away. It may be more ďI see it so I want itĒ, or     psychological eating.

3. Hungry, ready to eat
    Hunger urge lasts longer, eat here, you need it physiologically. Youíre body needs fuel.

2. Very hungry, unable to concentrate

    Definitely need to eat here, if you go much longer itíll be hard to stop.

1. Starving, dizzy, crabby, headache

    When you wait this long, you may set yourself up for overeating because youíre too hungry.

* Learn to eat when your body feels a 2 or 3
* Try to match your physiological hunger and stop around a 5-6