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22 September 2009
Jefferson City Diocese Must Do Right by Sex Abuse Victims
Voice of the Faithful Mid-Missouri supports actions to aid survivors of clergy sexual abuse Columbia Daily Tribune.

6 September 2009
Church Has Been Forthright: Actions Remedy Culture of Abuse
Bishop John R. Gaydos defends his actions in the Rev. Carmine Sita/Father Gerald Howard scandal at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Boonville, Mo., in his reply to Michael Wegs' commentary published in the Columbia Daily Tribune. Come to the Stable/The Stephen Spalding Foundation has produced evidence to the contrary.

1 September 2009
Honesty Overdue on Abusive Priests
Michael Wegs comments on the actions of Bishop John R. Gaydos for the Columbia Daily Tribune. Gaydos has settled another clergy sex abuse civil suit and this time the payout this time is $600,000. Gaydos refuses to disclose the whereabouts of a pedopile priest who worked for the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J., as the Rev. Carmine Sita and was then employed by the Diocese of Jefferson City, Mo., as Father Gerald Howard, after he was convicted as priest of child molestation by a New Jersey court.

1 August 2008
An Irish Tragedy: How Sex Abuse by Irish Priests Helped Cripple the Catholic Church, by Joe Rigert. Father Tom Doyle writes that the title is "apt . . . for this book because it describes precisely the end result of the continuum of excessive and superstitious piety, toxic clerical control and a twisted sexual morality which has all converged into too many cases of sexual abuse of minors and deceitful cover-up by bishops."

21 July 2008
Michael D. Fleming, General Counsel of the Come to the
Stable/The Stephen Spalding Foundation, expresses his doubt about Pope Benedict's willingness to curb predatory priests working for the Roman Catholic Church. Many have seen a certain vanity as well as irony  in the Pope's fondness for high fashion and his talk of self-absorption rather than his care for children and the less fortunate. Read Peter Fuchs complete interview with Dr. Fleming at

15 Arpil 2008
Brian Ross, the premier investagative television reporter, recently profiled one of the efforts of Come to the Stable/The Stephen Spalding Foundation regarding Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell. For more information, visit ABC News/Good Morning America or

25 October 2006
Proposed center to be named for former student at Hannibal's St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

24 October 2006
Abuse victims pursue dream of respite care center

24 October 2006
Clergy abuse victims seek treatment center of their own from Roman Catholic Church

2 October 2006
Foley Fallout in Full

10 February 2005
Films about touchy real-life issues trigger debate

29 July 2004
Ex-Palm Beach Diocese Bishop Settles Two Lawsuits

27 July 2004
Two men settle abuse cases against bishop

17 May 2004
Accuser Decries Bishop's 'Plantation' Life

16 May 2004
Church sex abuse victim sheds his anonymity to help others

16 May 2004
Church sex abuse victim steps forward to help others

16 May 2004
Former seminarians want alma mater investigated

30 March 2004
Sin against the Innocents:
Sexual Abuse by Priests and the Role
of the Catholic Church

Experts from a variety of fields join forces to show what fuels a most horrific violation of trust--sexual abuse by priests--and how the Church and church structure play a role in this abuse.   Contributors include:

  • Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests: 
         An Action Plan

    by David Clohessy and Michael Wegs
  • The Crisis of Sexual Abuse and the Celibate/Sexual Agenda 
         of the Church 
    by A. W. Richard Sipe
  • Clergy Sexual Abuse in the American Catholic Church: 
         The View from the Vatican 
    by John Allen Jr.
  • Canon Law and the Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis: The Failure from Above
    by Thomas P. Doyle, O.P., J.C.D.

    28 February 2003
    Twin Cities: Group Questions Archdiocese's Accounting of Abuse Expenses

    13 January 2003
    Priest Abuse Victims Ask Area Faithful to Help Push for Talks

    28 February 2003
    Support Group Asks Archdiocese to Open Personnel and Financial Files