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The surest way of all to deny a child time and space to discover his or her capacity for self-love and self-admiration is to abuse him physically, sexually, and emotionally.

Crimes against children also deserve special attention because of their different and potentially more severe consequences:

  • The large number of crimes perpetrated against children by family members threatens the crucial formative environment of childhood by disrupting and distorting important family relationships.
  • Victimization can derail normal, healthy child development. It can affect personality formation have long-term mental health consequences and impact academic performance.
  • Research has consistently shown that exposure to crime and violence places children at risk for serious delinquency.
  • Because of their dependency, children can suffer irreparably when parents are traumatized by crime victimization and domestic violence.
  • There is no research that indicates that a person who says he is gay, or who is sexually attracted to an adult person of the same gender, is more likely to be sexually interested in children.

Helping Survivors Find Peace

The childhood sexual molestation model includes four elements that affect the behavior and life choices of many victims as they mature as adults:

  • Traumatic Sexualization and the inability to cope
  • Stigmatization
  • Betrayal
  • Powerlessness

But the cause and effect of these emotional and/or psychological issues is not recognized until, as an adult, the victim of childhood sexual abuse encounters a major life crisis such as marriage or the birth of a child.

The duty of Come to the Stable/The Stephen Spalding Foundation, then, is to comfort those children, adults, and extended families of loved ones who have been harmed by sexual predators as they begin to cope with the past and learn to move forward with their future well-being in mind.

The duty of Come to the Stable is to tell the truth about sexual abuse; and confront those persons or institutions who protect child molesters and serial offenders.

We believe "sexual abuse," as defined by federal and state penal codes, is any form of unwanted aggressive or passive attention of sexual nature perpetrated by a person or agency that results in sexual trauma.

Our hope is to develop property near or in a large urban area with easy access to medical professionals due to the special needs of many survivor/ victims, which may require up to six months of concentrated care and attention to stabilize the first stage of the recovery process.

CTS/SSF will pay all expenses of its programs, including travel and the simple recovery from the psychic wounds that life has dealt. Survivor/ victims of sexual trauma also need access to new life skills training in order to make successful transitions from the pain of their abuse through the daily regimen of just plain living. The foundation will provide classes as varied as cooking and cleaning to personal grooming and job interviewing skills.

We are concerned for the health and well-being of survivor/ victims and their families whatever their race, ethnic origin, language, gender, or religious or political background.

Consequently, CTS/SSF needs a property with appropriate living quarters that will allow survivor/victims the option to remain with us for one weekend or six months (maximum) free-of-charge. The parcel of land also should be large enough to allow survivor/ victims to relax and enjoy numerous therapeutic recovery regimens such as baking, harvesting bee hives, gardening, or just enjoying the sensory pleasures of an herb garden.

With your financial support, Come to the Stable/the Stephen Spalding Foundation envisions a place where the survivor/victims of sexual molestation will be able to feel that their experiences are recognized and believed; where they can safely express grief and anger.

To make a donation, please mail your check to:

Come to the Stable/The Stephen Spalding Foundation
1333 Ninth Street
Marion, Iowa 52302

Please send any questions or comments to:

Or call: 319-899-1624

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